Students Get a Lift from Green Bike Program

By Taylor Healy '15, Contributing Writer

Between hauling to Pomona for a 9 a.m. class and zipping up to Traders Joe’s, many students understand the pain of life without wheels on campus. Fortunately, the Scripps Green Bike Program now offers a cost-effective solution to this transportation debacle.

On February 5, students gathered at the bike shop, located in the Tiernan parking structure, hoping to be called as one of the recipi- ents of a free bike loan for the spring semester. Upon being called, winners were each matched with an appropriately-sized bike according and given the chance to test it out in the parking garage before taking the bike home.

Most of the bikes provided by the program are recycled, left behind by previous students. Once maintenance turns them over to the organization, bike shop workers fix the bikes up so that they are raffle ready! Bikes are also independently donated by Jax Bicycle Center and Campus Security.

The event was an overall success. Fifty-two Scripps students exited the raffle proud temporary owners of a recycled bike. Even the unfortunate few who left empty-handed were promised that they could each get a bike by volunteering for the program.

The Green Bike Program has shown im- mense growth since its creation in 2010. Founder Kristen Piepgrass (’12) explained, “one year ago, the bike shop consisted of my- self and one other student in a small room in the TFH basement, repairing the 20 day-bikes. We now have a staff of eight, a large space in the parking structure provided by the field house, and a total of over 80 bikes.”

The program is currently looking for more work-study students and volunteers. Previous experience in bike repair is not necessary, Piepgrass said. “The goal is to teach and empower as many Scripps women as possible to maintain their bicycles and to feel comfortable with mechanical equipment in general.” The Green Bike Program also has 30 bikes available for day loans and of- fers assistance in bike repair and maintenance to students throughout the year. The shop is open Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 12-4 p.m. Thus far, the program has been successful in providing learning experience for student workers and more convenience for Scripps students overall. “We are very grateful for all of the help we’ve received, and above all, we are excited that there is now a welcoming and empowering space on campus for women to take care of their bikes.”