Humans vs Zombies is Back, Scripps Finally a Playable Campus

By Maxine Yakobi '14, Guest Writer The shortest and most accurate way to define Humans Versus Zombies (HvZ) is a weeklong simulated zombie apocalypse—except with Nerf blasters, and lots of them. Coming to the 5Cs four semesters ago, HvZ quickly grew to become one of the most popular 5C events, and was deemed last year to be the largest substance-free activity ever to have been run by a student organization at the 5Cs. To quote the founder of the game at Claremont, Steve Jaworski (PZ ’10), “We had the nerd blood in our community that would enjoy the game, and then we had the mainstream appeal of zombies, so it was perfect.” With a registration turnout of 640 players last semester, the team of moderators for HvZ expects future participation to grow in the upcoming semesters.

I have seen this game build the most unlikely and enduring of friendships in the past; it brings together the Claremont Colleges in a way that no other event could. After all, how often can you chase your friends down north quad with a Nerf blaster? Students, regardless of school, year or major, willingly put themselves into situations where they need to cooperate and trust one another in order to survive the “zombie apocalypse.”

Part of my decision to come to Scripps was based on the understanding that the consortium not only builds an incredibly diverse and rigorous academic system, but it also involves meeting people from different walks of life who came to these schools for different reasons. This very attitude should permeate all 5C interactions. When I became a part of the Moderator Team for HvZ, I thought this game in particular was one of the best ways to build up the consortium atmosphere.

The Moderator Team worked extremely hard to include Scripps as a playable campus, but was met, for a long time, with stiff resistance from the ad- ministration. After making some modifications to the game in response to the concerns voiced by the faculty, the team found some common ground from which to operate. With specific rules and regulations, Scripps will now participate in the HvZ competition as a playable campus.

Scripps is an integral part of the Claremont Consortium, and as such, an integral part of the HvZ game-play. Without it, players had always com- plained of a lack of continuity. Now all five colleges are in play, allowing for a complete and cohesive game experience for the entire community. In the last game, almost 80 Scripps students registered, regardless of the fact that their campus was completely out of play. This time around, we expect to see significantly more Scripps students running around, donning the iconic HvZ bandana and wielding vibrantly colored Nerf blasters on campus.