Rodents 101

By Lauren Prince '14, Editor-in-Chief

I’m sure most Scripps students have noticed the little animals running around campus. Some of our campus critters we have adopted as the unofficial mascot (squirrels), but there are also the cute little scaly things that scamper away (lizards), small plant like ones that sit on top of our bikes (grasshoppers)... and then the others, those which end up unwarranted and unwanted in kitchens and bedrooms (rodents).

Though we usually welcome all creatures with kindness and care, there are a few we dislike and do not want cohabitating with us. Some might think the rodents are a very large problem at Scripps and the 5Cs as a whole, but as students, we need to keep in mind that it could be a whole lot worse. Our geographical location in a valley means that we receive the runoff from Mt. Baldy—not just the runoff water, but the fleeing critters as well. Similarly, the construction at Harvey Mudd College has caused an exodus of creatures fleeing toward our campus.

The Scripps Maintenance office does a great job of preemptive planning so that Scripps students do not get nearly as many rodents running around the hallways as we could. Maintenance sets roughly 50 traps around all the buildings on campus. This usually does a great job of catching the little critters before they start finding food in the dorm rooms. Maintenance workers also keep their eyes out for holes that rodents might use to get around the College’s buildings. However, rodents can get inside from a gap as small as three-quarters of an inch. Because rodents are so adept at getting into spaces, it’s important to keep food sealed and keep doors and screens closed.

In spite of maintenance’s best efforts, there have been a few isolated incidents recently at Scripps. Hall Director Julianna Sabral’s room, and a first year triple in Kimberly have recently seen unwelcome rodent visitors.

Maintenance staff has the interests of the students as a first priority. “We treat the problems at Scripps as if they were the problems of our own daughters,” said Director of Facilities Neil Errickson.

Scripps maintenance takes the problems at Scripps very seriously, and do their best to resolve them quickly and quietly. We don’t need AllState; we are in good hands with Maintenance.