Scripps College Problem # 85

By Earnest Eleanor, Staff Satirist When I woke up to sunlight streaming through my window on that beautiful Tuesday morning, little did I know the hardship that awaited me. I rolled out of bed and stood by my window, obliviously reveling in the warmth that Claremont had chosen to give me that morning. With my roommates asleep, I got dressed and headed out the door without bothering to turn on my computer and check the weather. My first of many mistakes that day.

I stepped outside of my dorm only to feel a biting wind. The sun had deceptively betrayed me into believing that a skirt was a good idea. A glance down at my watch told me that I only had 4 minutes until class, so changing my outfit wasn’t an option. I crossed my arms, huddled into an ever so sophisticated hunched position, cursing my choice of a thin cardigan.

I sat in class, trying not to focus on my extreme discomfort and dream- ing of the moment I would power-walk back to my room and put on warmer clothes. After the seemingly never-ending class discussion, I raced back to my room and settled for capris and a short-sleeved shirt, since it had warmed up a bit.

I went about the rest of my day, thinking that my toil would be over. But walking out from Malott after dinner, I realized that my capris wouldn’t be the last outfit of the day. With the setting sun, the wind picked up, and I felt unpleasant shivers up my spine while I hurried back to my room to change into outfit number three of the day—jeans and a sweatshirt for my daily trek to the library. I snuggled into that warm jacket, thankful that I had taken the time to stop by my room so I wouldn’t be so cold in the library.

When I put on my pajama shirt that night, I glanced over at my laundry basket and saw it overfilling, a few clothes spilled onto the floor. How had it gotten so full? I pulled through the clothes, seeing my various outfits for Claremont’s unpredictable weather these past few days. I could feel my arms getting sore from changing into so many different clothes. My legs ached from walking back and forth to my dorm and up and down so many stairs.

A person only has so many adorable outfits, and only so much time to do laundry. I thought California was supposed to have a median temperature of 70 degrees. Year round. Is it really too much to ask that Claremont weather stay reasonably consistent so I don’t have to waste so many clothes?

It’s a tough life at Scripps, it really is.