Scripps Hot to Trot to Tiernan Field House for Hot Tub

By Snape Qua Snape On March 19, the Scripps Committee for Acceptable Life Enjoyment (SCALE) had its first public meeting and revealed its plans to bring some of the luxury alpine lifestyle to the Sallie Tiernan Field House (TFH). Their first major plan is to purchase a hot tub, to be installed over the summer and be ready for use in Fall 2012. With the hot tub, TFH will be able to welcome more students during the winter months when it’s rainy and the atmospheric temperature is too chilly to tempt students into the pool. Much like a ritual soak after a day of skiing in Alpine or Park City, the hot tub will be a place for students to relax and congregate. Studying all day indoors can be quite taxing, especially in contrast to the common practice of studying on the lawn in the sun, as many Scripps students are accustomed to do. Said SCALE Vice President Chelsea Thompson (’14), “It’s in no way a replacement for laying out on the lawn on an 85-degree day, but we think it will help Scripps students get through the tough Claremont winter months.”

The decision has not been an easy one, as some students expressed skepticism if a hot tub would adequately meet student needs. One Scripps junior, who wished to remain anonymous, suggested that accommodations be made for a Turkish-style bath in part of the locker room complex. SCALE support was evenly split between the Turkish baths and a Swiss-style hot tub; though the Turkish bath would certainly increase the field house’s healthful, and what some students describe as their “spa-like” atmosphere, the hot tub’s installation is much more feasible and will address the most urgent of students’ needs. The Committee has not yet decided which model of hot tub to purchase; the Hot Tub Subcommittee has narrowed it down to models made by Chancellor and Belize. The Chancellor, a twelve-person hot tub, is a viable choice because of its 43 adjustable jets and aquamarine stereo. There is also an option to get LED mood lighting. The contender for the position of TFH hot tub is the Belize eight-person spa. It may be smaller in size, but it has more jets per person—a total of 44—as well as a waterfall feature which, according to, “creates the ambience of a tranquil private oasis.” These are compelling choices, but the Subcommittee is still looking for student input, and perhaps a few Scripps students who would want to design and build their own hot tub.