Scripps No Longer Accepting Only Women

By Earnest Eleanor In a startling turn of events, President of Scripps College Lori Bettison-Varga recently announced that Scripps will begin to transition to a co-educational institution. The shift to allow women and men into the college has been a long time coming, notes one faculty member who preferred not to be named. “The fact of the matter is that Scripps can’t afford to keep membership banned from men,” the faculty member explained. Due to the extreme economic recession that the country has undergone in the past few years, the college can no longer afford to keep its enrollment so low. By offering a place for men on campus, Scripps can double enrollment. However, the transition will be taken slowly, with only 100 slots for men in academic year 2013-14. With such a high selectivity rate, administrators also hope to improve score averages by only taking the most elite men in the country. Acceptance of men to Scripps will also come with larger changes. Wilbur Hall will officially house all male students until an equal number of male and female students are admitted to the college, in which case the residence halls will become gender neutral. In addition, both men and women wishing to apply to the college will have to write a supplementary essay about the accomplishments of women to show their dedication to the college’s mission. Classes offered at Scripps will also be tailored to fit the incoming male first-years, with a focus on the accomplishment of men throughout the centuries (a subject hopelessly ignored) in their first three semesters, following along a similar Core-humanities track. Men who previously have been left searching in the dark for history classes about male accomplishments will now have a safe haven at Scripps. Although some welcome the change to the student body, not all Scripps women are pleased with the transformation of Claremont’s women’s institution. “If we protested over some olive trees getting ripped out,” one student said, “Why do they think we won’t protest this?”