Uncensored opinions, straight from the Editors-in-Chief themselves. Post-Spring Break, a.k.a. New levels of procrastination Thank you to the relaxing Spring Break we all had, and screw coming back to school. I would like to hire someone to do all my homework; that way I can devote all of my time to the things that matter—like partying.

TEXTING SARCASM There needs to be a specific sarcasm font so that your friends know you are saying something sarcastic over text. Otherwise I just look like a bitch, and I’m not...

Draw Something The best game ever invented! It’s just extremely difficult when you have fat fingers on a small screen and you can’t figure out where you’re drawing. Come on Apple, I expected something magical from you.

How to Pronounce “Meme” The best. Also, if you haven’t checked out “how to pronounce French words,” you should. It really makes me feel proud to be an American.

iPad Really, Apple? You just love to go above and beyond the traditional retinal display, don’t you? Because with a screen so small, it’s really easy to tell the difference.

Cuties You can eat eight in 15 minutes and still not throw up...we’ve tested. Nine? Still untested—a job for Adam and Jamie.

Humans vs. Zombies I applaud you, Scripps, for finally giving the other 4Cs less of an excuse to call us pansies when it comes to killing off the human race on our beautiful green campus. However, as a human human—as opposed to an acopalypse era human—I’m not looking forward to being attacked by humans or zombies. Beware, players, I know self-defense and I’m not afraid to kick your ass.

The Hunger Games Shrieking tweens and diehard Twilight fans make not good movie-watching buddies. Word of advice if you’re going to go see this long but admittedly well- done movie: don’t clap when the kids die. That’s just sad.

CINE We know there are plans to phase CINE out of existence, but can we at least announce that? Scripps students are already a stressed-out bunch, and having our lifeline to the outside world (the internet) down for even a short period of time would be enough to send anyone into a panic attack.

However, since I’ve been using the login-needed Claremont wireless connection, I’m more concerned with the fact that EVERY SINGLE TIME I have to log into the connection on my phone. Not very efficient, Claremont. Fix that! Please