Senior Athlete Spotlights: CMS Lacrosse

Allie Hanes

Major: Economics-Accounting

Hometown: Atherton, Calif.

Favorite thing about Scripps: It is too hard to pick what my favorite thing about Scripps is, but a few of my favorites are my group of friends that I have had ever since the first few days of our first year, the smell of the orange blossoms in the spring, and the Motley! The Scripps community is also full of the most genuine people I have ever met. Our alumnae are so passionate about their experience at Scripps, and I can’t wait to join them and brag about mine experience too.

Favorite thing about CMS Lacrosse: My favorite thing about the CMS lacrosse team is my teammates. I have made some of my best friends through the lacrosse team. Whenever anyone of us might be feeling a little down, the best motivation is reminding ourselves that we play for each other. Also loves: My favorite things to do other than lacrosse is bake and spend time with my friends and family. After graduation: I am working as an auditor for BDO in San Francisco.

Jane Eberts

Major: Dual in English and Media Studies

Hometown: Vail, Colo.

Favorite thing about Scripps: The pool! If I could spend all my time between there and the Motley, I would. Favorite thing about CMS Lacrosse: My teammates. Some of my closest friends are on the team, and I definitely play for them. I <3 my lady cougs UGHUGUGH!! Also loves: GTL, baby...Gym. Tan. Lax. All day err day. Is also: One of the captains of the team, and an RA in GJW After graduation: As of right now, my goal is to work in the TV/film industry and become a producer.