Finally, New Scripps Alcohol Policy

By Taylor Healy '15, Section Head

In early October, the Alcohol Task Section Head Force comprised of a small group of students and SAS representatives began meeting with Dean of Students Becky Lee and other school officials in the hopes of transforming the school’s alcohol policy to encourage students to seek help when intoxicated. Six months later, an approved medical amnesty policy has been established and is currently being implemented on a trial basis for the remainder of the spring semester. The aim of the program is to eliminate the fear of getting in trouble that holds students back from getting themselves or their friends the help they need when intoxicated.

The policy will officially be announced later this week in anticipation of the next Scripps-hosted party, which is scheduled to take place Saturday night. The task force’s main goal going forward is to spread awareness to students that the new policy is in effect and clarify the details. “We can protect you from judicial college action due to intoxication,” explained Dean Lee, and the amnesty extends to students under the in- fluence of drugs and others substances as well as alcohol. It is important for students to understand that each situation is evaluated individually and the policy does not protect against police matters outside of the college’s jurisdiction. For example, students would still be held responsible for violence or property damage that occurred while they were intoxicated. The new policy also calls for medical and health awareness follow-up with students to prevent reoccurrence. The task force is currently discussing possible options to further pro- mote the policy. Educational presentations such as question and answer sessions, posters in dorms, and having informative representatives present at Snack are in the works.Hopefully, after the many hours the committee members have put into revamping our policy, we will see an increased number of students taking advantage of the newly established amnesty and any tragedies related to alcohol poisoning will be prevented.