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The Toll Alarm

Dear Scripps Administration: I get it, I really do. Alarms are supposed to keep stalkerish creepers out. But the Toll alarm just gives the poor Tollians massive headaches and keeps us Clarkians up until 3am. Some Scripps students have clearly failed to understand that an alarm on a door means don’t touch the fucking door. But please, Scripps, don’t punish the rest of us. Fix it. Sincerely, the Clark residents.

What not to type into Google images

It. Weird. ...ah screw this. Any word you type in will show at least one kinky/ weird/slutty/dehumanizing image. Ain’t that great?

Seniors and Thesis/Post-Graduation Plans

Don’t Ask. Don’t Tell.

Power to the Peeps! (Not)

Creepiest (and still cutest) bunnies on the block. Search “WaPo Peeps Diorama” for more information.

Bounce Mushroom at Pomona on Saturday Night Thank you, Pomona, for indulging our childish urges.


A wonderfully useful, educational procrastination method. As members of the Claremont Colleges, we’re all really intelligent people. But it doesn’t hurt to get smarter in different ways; if the long-overextended premise (and title) for How I Met Your Mother has taught us anything, it’s that we all have gaps in our knowledge. Let’s fill those gaps with some really cool new information. The best part is that the TED talks are shorter than a television show. So for this time of year when we all get stressed out, we can take a short break but it doesn’t have to be 22 or 44 minutes! It can be 5 or 11! Ideas worth spreading!

Class Registration

My registration time is 4. So, Fuck that, let’s drink. ... tea.

Relay for Life Plug

I’m sorry; I have to. Relay for Life is a fabulous cause. Everyone has been or will be affected by cancer. So if you don’t want to sign up because you’re “too busy,” you can still send like 5 emails to your family or at least donate like 5 bucks. Seriously. The more we fix now, the better life will be when cancer starts affecting us more personally. Get your shit together, Claremont!