SADIOS is Once Again a Success!

By Charlotte Rosenfield '15, Design Editor

As a member of the Admissions Ambassador Team for the Scripps Admissions Office, I think I can speak for most of us when I say that it is much easier, and far more enjoyable, to talk to prospective students who know that they want to attend Scripps College. The burden of convincing these high school seniors that Scripps is the place for them is shed, and we are able to get down to the basics of their future Scripps experience. This is one of the many reasons that “Spend A Day In Our Shoes”—SADIOS for short—is my favorite prospective student event.

On Monday, April 15, “We welcomed to campus 158 admitted students and 215 additional guests, for a total of 373 visitors,” Vice President for Enrollment Victoria Romero reported. According to upperclassmen and admissions staff, this year saw one of the highest numbers of attendees in the history of the event.

Romero also commented that the SADIOS program “is a success because everyone is so willing to meet and talk with prospective students and families.” In fact, a good friend of mine, who isn’t even on the Admissions Ambassador Team, showed up to talk to some students with me when they all arrived Sunday afternoon. She told me that she simply wanted to talk to some prospective students about how amazing being at Scripps has been for her and all of her friends. As volunteers, all of us on the Team hope to inspire “prospies,” as they are commonly known, to imagine their fantastic, opportunity-filled lives here.

Maricela Limas, staff representative for the vice president of enrollment, could not have been more pleased with the outcome of SADIOS. “Overall, the program was a huge success. Most admitted students and parents thanked us for our hospitality and wished they could spend more time exploring the campus.”

The event becomes far more meaningful when you can see, through the words and actions of the students, that this experience has made an impact on their perception of Scripps College. One student commented, “I really liked being able to sit in on a class. By doing so, I was able to see how professors teach their students on an every day basis, and I was able to witness teacher- student relationships as they naturally are at Scripps.” Another said, “I really enjoyed the ‘Just for Students Panel.’ It was so open and the students were willing to answer just about anything the audience asked, and I really got an idea of the student body.”

Limas, like many of the students, sees SADIOS as the culmination of all of the hard work the Office of Admissions has put in. “For most Scripps admission counselors, this is our favorite program of the year. We work hard throughout the year representing Scripps at college fairs and high school visits. We also spend countless hours interviewing students and reading their applications. SADIOS wraps up our recruiting year and allows us to reconnect with the prospective students we have been working with throughout the year, and who will soon comprise the Scripps Class of 2016.” And, just let me say, we can’t wait to see them next fall.