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When Scripps professors come in to a classroom, and say, “Hey ladies.” Not only is it an annoying word, but it’s very paternalistic.

witty after the fact

I don’t know about you, but I feel as though I always think of something witty to say after its too late. After the person has left, after the text conversation has taken a new turn, after someone else said something witty and yours wasn’t as witty, so it’s no longer viable. I wish I had the gift of wittiness.

how TSL steals our writers

I am jealous of TSL from stealing all of the fabulous Scripps writers. Has more prestige, a longer track record... it’s no wonder our Scripps writers are going elsewhere. But we have grown and now we have pride and we want Scrippsies to feel that their voice is heard right here!

Netflix Instant TV

I haven’t decided whether it’s a gift from God or the worst procrastination site on the internet – it’s a time sucker.


With all this fabulous weather outside, it’s no wonder we don’t have any more fucks to give.

Claremont WIFI

Claremont works at Scripps and not at Pomona, Claremont – WPA works at Pomona and not at Scripps. The internet works in Smiley, but not in the SCC and not at Rains... wtf?!? Also, the one place that should ALWAYS have internet is the Library.... seriously Claremont?

The Bitch Tally

What began as a count of just one unnamed editor’s comments turned into a competition between editors to see who could (or couldn’t) be bitchier. The final tally? Too embarrassing to reveal. Just be relieved that this is the only space in our newspaper where we show our true colors.

“White women are racists too!”

Believe it, dear readers. This was scrawled in white chalk on the ground outside of Balch. I came upon it Sunday morning and I’m assuming it’s been taken down by now. But, seriously? There’s enough problems with that sentence, enough to fill a book’s worth of pages. But, seriously?