What are Scripps students doing this summer?

We know where most, if not all, of our beloved seniors are going after May 12, but what about the rest of Scripps? We asked students from the the classes of 2013, 2014 and 2015 to share their summer plans. Here are what some students wrote back!

LM Ellezy ‘13: From May to August, I will be living in Thailand, where I will teach kindergarteners English. The program words with a native English speaker and a Thai interpreter, this way the kindergarteners will learn the best possible pronunciation at an early age. I’m very excited since I’ve never been to Thailand and I hope to pursue teaching as my future career!

Elsa Watland ‘13: I received a Johnson award to return to Nairobi (where I studied abroad) and research education for girls in Kibera, Africa’s largest


Kelsey Mesa ‘13: I will be working in Professor Wenzel’s lab and starting on research for my thesis. I’ll be looking at gold catalysts in a type of organic reaction.

Rosemary McClure ‘13: This summer, I’m going to stay in Australia [where I’ve been studying for the entire year] and travel, first alone, then with my parents. I plan to go to Cairns (the closest major city to the Great Barrier Reef) and volunteer on a live-aboard dive operation helping lead scuba dives.

Christine Zenel ’14: I will be going on an archaeological dig in an indigenous island village in Tahuata, the home of two valleys in the Marquesas Islands of French Polynesia. I will be excavating intact remains of residential and ceremonial centers, helping to improve the local heritage museum and learning native crafts (such as weaving, fishing, making leis and grating coconuts). I have wanted to be an archaeologist since I was little, and I absolutely can’t wait to go on my first dig! With aspirations to be an anthropologist/archaeologist, I hope that this summer will help me figure out if this is the right path for me. I’m also so excited to speak French, learn a new language (Marquesan) and bask in the sunshine of the South Pacific!

Kiley Lawrence ’14: My summer plans involve traveling to Ghana to do medical humanitarian work, including working at the Kaleo Area Women Development Association in Kumasi and volunteering in the rural town of Sandema, which houses a local orphanage. I’ve fundraised a little over $1500 total. With that money, I will be working to assess and deliver medical equipment to regional hospitals, as well as collaborating with rural Ghanaian community members to initiate a personal volunteer project that reflects the voiced needs of the people there. I leave the day after move-out!

Lauren Prince ‘14: I’ll be working in the Marketing department at the Levitt Pavilion this summer. It’s a non-profit organization with the mission of building community through music by building outdoor concert venues and providing free concerts to the public. I’m looking forward to learning marketing strategies, and hopefully I’ll have a better idea about what I want as a future career by the end of the summer.

Megan Petersen ‘15: I’m spending 8 weeks in Rabat, Morocco to learn Arabic through the U.S. State Department’s Critical Language Scholarship.

Michelle Nagler ‘15: I’ve been accepted to join other teens on a free trip to Israel, through an organization called Birthright. I’ll be experiencing Israel as a tourist, so I’ll get to climb Masada, swim in the Dead Sea, visit the Western wall, ride a camel, and enjoy the company of new friends. I’m definitely planning on taking my camera so that I can get some cool shots!

Charlotte Rosenfield ‘15: I’m going to be an intern at the Buck Institute, which is a research center for development and aging located north of San Francisco.