FYI: First Year Infomation Orientation Welcomes New Students

By Lauren Prince ‘14Editor-in-Chief


On Thursday new students took Scripps by storm! Parents and siblings shuffled through the halls carrying box after box. The already-beautiful Scripps campus was illuminated not only by a blooming rose garden, birds of paradise, and the rays of the sun, but also with the excitement and beaming smiles of first-years and their families.

Upon entering the campus, the first-years were greeted by Peer Mentors and RAs who had been awaiting their arrival.

Associate Dean of Students and Director of Student Activities Sam Haynes was in charge of planning orientation this year. First-years enjoyed orientation events and were all smiles from the moment they arrived on campus.

The first 5C evening event during Orientation is the Scripps Carnival. Scripps students danced, climbed the blow-up rock wall, waited in line for caricatures, and danced for candy. It was a sight for sore eyes!

Remember that notorious orientation lecture that left a lasting impression on all of us? Well, even though slapgrabtwistpull was not mentioned in this lecture, the first years still learned the basics of self-defense training and received their rape whistles for safety emergencies.

As the days pass and we find ourselves at the end of the first week of school, the first years have brought new energy onto campus. Kiley Lawrence ’14, the Routt 3rd floor RA said, “I couldn’t be more excited to live in such a first year-heavy dorm. I get to experience first-hand, every day, how brilliant, kind, interesting, and diverse our newest peers are. Who could ask for more?” And she’s right! Scripps is defined by the students it houses and we welcome them with open arms! First years, Scripps College awaits you! Make the most of it!