Meet your Editors-in-Chief!

By Rosemary McClure '13 and Lauren Prince '14Editors-in-Chief

Editors-in-Chief Rosemary McClure and Lauren Prince

Hello everyone! We are Rosemary McClure (left) and Lauren Prince (right), your Editors-in-Chief for the year. This is Lauren’s (’14) third year at The Scripps Voice and her second as Editor-in-Chief. She is a Media Studies major and a Latin American Studies minor. Lauren hopes to go into marketing or public relations after college. She is Growth Chair of Relay for Life and also a student representative on the Educational Policy Committee on the Board of Trustees. She was born and raised in Mercer Island, Washington, and loves hiking and dancing (even in the rain). Her favorite movie is Finding Nemo. Lauren loves to travel and has been to 16 countries! She claims her spirit animal is a squirrel, but Rosemary doesn’t agree.

This is Rosemary’s (’13) fourth year being involved with The Scripps Voice and her first year as Editor-in-Chief. She is an Environment, Economics, and Politics major and is also interested in feminism, anti-racism, and indigenous issues. She just returned from a year abroad in London and Australia (a semester each). She enjoys rap, scuba diving, and breakfast sandwiches. Rosemary was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. Stop asking her what she will do after she graduates.

In response to reader feedback, we will be making a lot of changes to The Scripps Voice. We envision the paper as a student forum for opinions and lifestyles of Scripps and 5C students. As such, we have several specific goals for the year:

  • An emphasis on editorials and investigative journalism rather than news, in order to reduce competition with other campus publications.
  • Increased readership and involvement across the 5Cs, especially interaction and dialogue online via comments.
  • At least one photo with every article

What do you think? We want to hear from you! We have been getting some feedback that is going to help us make the paper the best it can be. So tell us! Did you like the sex column? What was your experience writing for us? Please like our Facebook page here.

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