What it’s like to be a Motley Baker!

By Hannah Long ‘15Staff Writer

A job at the Motley is one of the most fun and coveted positions on campus, and aspiring baristas face serious competition during the application process. Last year, however, I was lucky enough to secure a small role at the café as a Motley student baker. The Motley is completely student run, which means that Scrippsies are in charge of everything from planning the menu to preparing drinks to ordering supplies, and even baking delicious homemade treats for the café’s bakery case. Last year, these goodies included cupcakes, granola, vegan cookies, and my own Mexican brownies.

New student bakers are chosen each September at a bake-off. All submissions are tasted by Motley employees (one of the many perks of this job), before a group of 5-10 bakers are chosen. Each baker produces a unique,

signature product that they deliver to the café on a different day of the week, meaning that there are always freshly baked treats available.As a freshman last year, I had no idea that the Motley hired student bakers and was completely blindsided by the bakeoff. With only two days to prepare, I scrambled to get all of the necessary ingredients and supplies and ended up going to Trader Joe’s, CVS, Spout’s, and Target. The rush was worth it, however, when my brownies were chosen.

My delivery day was Monday, so I spent Sunday evenings last year baking in the Toll kitchen. It took me a little while to adjust to the kitchen, because I had to learn how the oven worked, scrounge up the right mixing bowls and spoons, and coordinate oven time with another baker. Eventually, however, I fell into a pattern, and the baking became relatively quick and stress-free.

Baking in the dorm kitchen turned out to be a great way to meet new neighbors, as girls were drawn in by the wafting smell of dark chocolate and spicy cinnamon. Many were fascinated that I was baking for the Motley, a job that they didn’t know existed. Others, who had bought the brownies themselves, were eager to know how I made them.I would really recommend trying out at the bake-off if you miss baking at home. It’s a great excuse to purchase all of the pans and measuring cups that you probably didn’t bring from home, and you’ll surely have leftovers that friends will love. I also find baking to be really relaxing, and for me spending an hour in the kitchen on Sunday was always a great way to start my week.

If you are interested in being a Motley student baker this year, keep your eyes out for information about the bake-off coming later this month.