The Sassy SAS Update

By Mikayla Raymond '15 SAS Media Relations Chair

Hey Scripps Voice Readers! It’s Mikayla here again to update you on all things SAS, and I couldn’t be more excited about everything that is going on! Currently, SAS has been working hard to start this year off right, with a solid foundation to support the upcoming months, and hopefully year, here at Scripps.

Currently, a lot of work is going into totally re-vamping our website infrastructure. The new SAS website will be not only a resource to students to access funding request forms, see upcoming events, and get contact information for your SAS representatives; it will be a place to really get the “dirty” of what’s going on in SAS. In an effort to increase our transparency and visibility on campus, you will be able to see our minutes from each meeting as well as budget breakdowns that really show you where your money is going. This practice will help to keep you informed of the work we’ve been doing to improve our community.

In addition to being more user-friendly and having more resources and information available for students, it will also be a new hub for photos of campus and members of the community, tweets, blog posts, as well as Flickr and Facebook feeds. We are moving into the 21st century with these updates, people! It is our goal to make this site not just a place to go when you need some information, but something to peruse whilst procrastinating on that paper, just to see what’s going on! The new site will be unveiled sometime in mid-October, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, keep checking those emails and our Facebook page/Twitter feed for updates.

In other exciting news, we now have 500 Facebook fans If you don’t already “like” us, look us up under Scripps Associated Students, and please do so! This is a great way to stay informed of events, and occasionally catch a bit of off-topic witticism by yours truly.

Keep in mind, Fall Elections are rapidly approaching! Statements of Intent were due Wednesday, Sept. 26 by midnight, and the election will take place October 3. As per usual, the voting will be open for 48 hours, and first years will need to opt-in (ask your older friends or peer mentor for a quick tutorial). This year, we are entirely recreating Hall Council. From now on, Hall Council is Hall Senate. Senators will be able to represent their dorms (or off-campus communities) in large-scale SAS meetings once a month! These positions will be much more involved with SAS, RAs, and the Hall Directors and housing staff than in previous years, and we believe that the changes will give our new Hall Senators, and by extension each dorm, a much larger voice in decisions that affect our students.

Our first BeHeard Forum of the year will take place Tuesday, Oct. 2 at 9:00 p.m., which coincides nicely with our Tuesday night snack courtesy of Malott! The topic of discussion will be how to get money for your events, and our general budgeting processes as presented by our co-treasurers.

As always, if you have any questions, contact us at Until next time!