Movie night solutions for the 5Cs: where and how to rent

By Rachael Hamilton ‘16Staff Writer

Are you and your friends in the process of planning a movie night? Short on movies you want to watch? Feat not! Thankfully, there are several places around the 5Cs where you can borrow or rent fims.

Right here at Scripps is SARLO, the Student Activities and Residential Life Office, which is located right across from Routt and Frankel dormitories. SARLO offers a collection of over 300 movies for the taking! To borrow a movie, just walk up to the front desk, ask to rent a movie, and they will direct you to the drawers of movies, which are in the black file cabinets on the left as soon as you walk inside. There is no deposit for borrowing the movie, but you will have to provide SARLO with your name and contact information. You can borrow the movie for three days, but if you fail to return it on the third day, there is a late fee of $1.00 for each day that it is not returned. Be warned! They will not send you an e-mail reminding you to return the movie, so keep track of how long you have it, since you won’t be able to take out another movie until you return the first one.

Only Scripps students can borrow movies from SARLO, so you won’t have to worry about some CMCer borrowing SARLO’s copy of “The Notebook” the same night that you want to watch it (although a fellow Scrippsie very well may). An interesting fact about the movies at SARLO is that while most of them are purchased by SARLO out of their budget, some of them are donated. For more information about the movie rental process, a list of movies SARLO has, and other services SARLO offers, check out

Honnold-Mudd Library also offers a huge collection of movies, approximately 3,854, although most of them are documentaries. The collection is located behind the 2nd floor Help Desk on the Mudd side of Honnold-Mudd behind closed doors, as it is not open to students to browse through on their own. However, all you have to do is give the Help Desk the title of the movie or the ID number (which can be found online or at the computers next to the Help Desk) and they will happily go get it for you. If you don’t know what movie you want ahead of time, there are browsing notebooks at the Main Desk. The check-out process is the same as that for checking out a book, and you can check out up to two movies for seven days. Late returns will cost you $1.00 per day.

All 5C students have access to Honnold-Mudd’s movie collection. For more information about DVDs at Honnold-Mudd, check out, and check out for a list of movies available at Honnold-Mudd.

Pomona and Pitzer do not have movie collections for  student use. Each academic department at CMC does have its own collection of movies related to that field, but these are only available to CMC students for educational purposes. Harvey Mudd has a collection of about 300-400 movies that Mudd students can borrow at the Linde Activities Center (LAC); however, this video resource is only available to Harvey Mudd students.

So, now that you know where and how to get movies around the 5Cs, get your friends together, break out the popcorn and snacks, and enjoy movie night!