Review: Pho-Ha Vietnamese Restaurant in Pomona

By Priya Srivats ‘13Staff Writer

So I’m six weeks into being back at school, which means I’m officially bored of all the restaurants in the village (except Dr. Grubbs, of course) and want/need to find some new places.

Pho-Ha was exactly what I was looking for—cheap, quick, and delicious. The place was pretty busy when we arrived on a Friday night, but we were seated immediately.

I started off with a thai iced tea, which was delicious and not overly sweet, as they often are. All three of us opted for vermicelli (vermicelli noodles, meat or tofu, and fresh herbs in a flavorful, lukewarm broth). I must note that Pho-Ha does not offer a vegetarian pho option.

We started with two versions of veggie spring rolls—the traditional one contained lettuce, tofu, vermicelli and carrots, while the summer version was stuffed with jicama, wood ear mushrooms, and tofu. Both rolls were fresh and the flavours were mild and delicious.

Our vermicelli came out before the rolls. It was really tasty. It comes with herbs, bean sprouts, and spring onions. We added plenty of Sriracha and hoisin sauce for flavor, although the broth they gave us to pour over the noodles had plenty of flavor on its own.

The egg rolls that came with my friend’s shrimp and egg roll vermicelli were crispy and not too greasy, and the tofu in my vermicelli was amazing! Really crispy, and it absorbed the broth flavours wonderfully. The best tofu I’ve had in a long time.

Pho-Ha is a great, nondescript strip mall joint with amazing flavours, prompt service and cheap eats—next time I need a break from the dining halls, I’ll know where to go!

Pho-Ha is located in Pomona at 695 Indian Hill Blvd.