SASsy SAS Update

By Emily Jovais ‘13SAS President

This past Wednesday, SAS held the first Student Senate meeting in its history. While the full impact of this change may not be felt immediately, this marks a long-awaited modification to the structure of SAS. I am proud to say that SAS officially has a representative structure in which the student body can interact with student advocates, faculty, and staff in a formal setting. The elected Hall Senators will be involved in all the discussions and decisions that come through SAS along with any student who chooses to attend the meetings—all students are welcome and encouraged to participate and any student who attends three meetings in a row is automatically eligible to vote as a Senator.

The meeting this month focused on the Hall Senators and their responsibilities as well as the overall goals of the monthly Senate Meetings. The goal of the Senate is to provide a space for honest and difficult dialogues about the Scripps experience and what we can do as students to improve it and ensure that Scripps policies support students and reflect their values. As a representative body, the Senate can take a formal stance on issues and policies, provide feedback to administrators, invite staff and faculty to present on present issues and answer questions, and approve or deny the SAS budget for the upcoming year.

At Wednesday’s meeting, each of the nine committee chairs from the Executive and Programming branches presented their goals and tasks for the year, after which the Senators selected which committees they would like to sit on for the year. The 2012-2013 SAS Committees are: Diversity and Inclusivity, Elections, Holiday Dinner Planning, Intramural Liaison and Athlete Appreciation, Peer Advocates, Sexual Assault Awareness and Resources, Student Union, Sustainability, and Website and Publicity.

Through this body, our power and voice as a student body is infinitely greater. As a Senate, we can speak with a clear and unified voice, ensuring that people listen.

The next meeting will be held in November, and the entire student body is invited to attend. This body will represent you, so take advantage of the opportunity to be a part of it.