CLORG Spotlight: Scripps Live Arts

By Kehau Jai ‘16Staff Writer

Pandora and Spotify are great ways to listen to your favorite music free online (if you can get past the advertising), but there’s nothing quite like being at a live concert. But if you don’t have a car—or even if you do—it can be difficult and expensive to get to Los Angeles to attend live music events. Fortunately, we have organizations like Scripps Live Arts.

Co-leaders Anna Petkovich (‘14) and Caitlin Sweeney (‘13) aim to bring live performances and concerts to Scripps and the 5C community free of charge. Scripps Live Arts offers a range of events, from live musical performances to poetry readings. Petkovich views this focus on drawing artistic talent to Scripps College as their “contribution to the Scripps community,” since before “students had to go off campus to go to live shows.”

Scripps Live Arts focuses on organizing live events. Anyone interested can get involved. The club provides “resources for students to bring those people they’re excited about,” says Sweeney.

Live Arts also works to give members experience in the entertainment industry through involvement in event planning. This includes learning how to book artists, obtain financing, use sound and monitoring equipment, and advertise shows.

Live Arts will have different focus each semester. This semester “we’re exclusively doing music,” says Sweeney. Petkovich noted that “folky” singer-songwriter Katie Colver will peform at the Motley Coffeehouse on Nov. 8 at 8:00 p.m.

“Post-punk surf rock” band Jaawwzz (try saying that out loud) will perform at the Student Union at 7:00 p.m. on Nov. 16.

On Dec. 8, Grass Widow, an all-female punk band will come to campus. Besides bringing in outside artists, Scripps Live Arts also promote 5C artists:  singer-songwriter Olivia Buntaine (SCR ’15) will open for the Colver concert.

Scripps Live Arts looks and sounds as good as the events they organize. They welcome anyone who wants to foster art and performance in the community. Petkovich said, “This club is really what students make it. We’re open to anything and we hope that interested students will come to us with their ideas.” To learn more about becoming involved with Scripps Live Arts or to learn about their events, contact, like their page on Facebook, or attend their club meetings on Mondays at 5:30 p.m. in the Student Union.