Lesser-known 5C eateries

By Hannah Long ‘15Food Columnist

Although the 5C dining halls offer an exceptional variety, some of my favorite meals here are actually from the many other cafés and snack shops around campus. While I often stop by the Motley for a midday caffeine fix or grab a late-night snack at Jay’s Place, a few of the lesser-known eateries also offer delicious and more unique snacks, meals, and treats.

Pomona’s Sagehen Café, located right next to the Coop Fountain, is a sit-down lunch restaurant with a great selection of gourmet sandwiches, salads, and pastas.

One of my favorite healthy options is a salad topped with fresh grilled salmon and rich slices of avocado. The café also serves a wide selection of classic sandwiches, such as turkey, BLT, and club, while a great option for vegetarians is a hot panini piled high with a variety of grilled vegetables and melted pepper jack cheese. The café, which has a more subdued and elegant atmosphere than the nearby Coop Fountain, would be the perfect spot for a lunch date or a meal with visiting parents.

For lovers of Peet’s strongly-roasted coffee, the Sagehen Café also has a complete drink menu made with the company’s beans. Although their most popular items are the standard hot coffee and latte, they also offer a variety of iced and blended beverages. For refreshing treat, I personally love the mocha and caramel Frios, the café’s take on a Starbucks Frappuccino.

The Grove House is another popular lunch spot on campus. Located at the north end of Pitzer’s campus, right near the Brant Clock Tower, it is open every weekday morning and afternoon. As one student barista says about the Grove House’s signature item, “We’re really a sandwich place.” The numerous toppings include tuna salad, bacon and barbequed tofu. All sandwiches are finished off with a unique and flavorful spread, such as chipotle sauce or sun dried tomato pesto, while choices of bread include whole wheat sourdough, rosemary garlic, 6 grain, and cranberry. For a sweet treat, the Grove House also bakes exceptional cookies. The selection changes regularly, but some of the more interesting options include oatmeal fruit and the decadent double mocha.

If you’re looking for a quick snack between classes, another great spot is Pitzer’s Pit Stop, which is conveniently located near Scripps in the Bernard building. Although it is often busy, there are many outside tables that are the perfect place to study or meet friends. The café offers the typical coffee and tea drinks, along with snack foods such as bagels and muffins. Prepackaged meals such quiche, salads, and sushi are also a great option for a quick and easy lunch.

Finally, a great place to stock up on snack food for the dorm room is the Hub Store, which is located right next to the Hub Café at CMC. Although shelf space has decreased this year due to storage restraints, there is still an amazing variety of snack food for any taste. If you need some extra energy to get through a long night of studying, the store has all sorts of candy as well as many beverages, including Starbucks’ bottled, caffeinated coffee drinks. For colder nights, I also appreciate the Hub’s selection of packaged soups, including Cup of Noodles and Thai Kitchen, which can easily be heated up in the microwave.

So the next time you’re looking for a quick meal or snack on campus, I encourage you to forgo your usual choice in favor of one of these novel and noteworthy spots.