The Scripps College Journal

By Ann Mayhew ‘13Contributing Writer

Although The Scripps College Journal has been around for years, many students still haven’t heard of the college’s annual literary magazine.

In spite of its relative anonymity on campus, many professors and students have a special place in their hearts for the journal. The journal is student-run. Students such as Natalie Cannon ‘13, content editor Annie Dreshfield ‘13, and myself, take pride in providing the opportunity for all writers and artists on campus to publish their creative work. The Director of the Writing Program, Professor Kimberly Drake, is the journal’s faculty supervisor.

The student-run publication features the writing and art of students from all of the Claremont Colleges, including the winners of the Sands Award, an award given to the best essays produced by students for their Writing 50 courses. Published once a year, The Scripps College Journal is consistently a beautiful, professionally printed and bound tribute to the talent of Scripps students and students of the other four colleges.

“I absolutely love seeing the work from my fellow students here at Scripps,” said Dreshfield. “I’ve seen great work from people who I didn’t even know were interested in creative writing or art.”

Not only does the Scripps College Journal provide a place for students to publish their work, but it’s also a way for students to get editorial and design experience. As Cannon puts it, working for the journal “is a great excuse to read a bunch of fantastic work and drool over some epic artwork!” Assistant editors are assigned genres for which to solicit and curate content. Editors often assist with design as well. Selecting work for a high-quality literary journal encourages students to examine and revise their own writing, a vital part of the writing process.

The Scripps College Journal brings together students who are passionate about writing, art, design, and editing. “We’re a small group and everyone is willing to try something new,” said Dreshfield. “It’s thrilling to see our finished magazine around campus—especially when I see people flipping through it in the Motley.”

The Scripps College Journal is looking for assistant editors and designers for 2012-2013. Prior experience is not required.

The Scripps College Journal is having its first meeting of the academic year on Dec. 2 at 3 p.m. in the Wilbur living room. If you have questions or want to submit work in the spring, email: