Restaurant review: Dr. Grubb’s

Priya Srivats ‘13Staff Writer

Two years ago I discovered Dr. Grubb’s, and I’ve never looked back. It’s a small restaurant in the Village, with enough seating for maybe 20 or so. The restaurant is set up with three categories: proteins, sides, and sauces. The proteins offered are blackened chicken, herb-grilled chicken, salmon (prepared with the same two options as the chicken), grilled tofu, and tiger shrimp.

I usually switch off between the two chicken options, and am never disappointed. I tried the tofu for the first time last week, and was surprised by how flavorful it was! I’m usually skeptical of tofu that isn’t prepared Asian style (with the help of lots of spices), but this tofu held its shape and was really nicely prepared. The sides range from veggies to pasta to salad, but I go for the roasted baby potatoes, couscous, or sautéed veggies. The potatoes are incredible, and definitely a crowd favorite. They are crunchy and bursting with flavor. The couscous has a really nice lemon flavor that pairs with all of the sauces and protein options wonderfully, and the veggies include baby corn (always a win in my book).

Dr. Grubb’s offers a variety of sauces; the garlic apple aioli, lemon-thyme vinaigrette and honey mustard tend to be my favorites. You order proteins, sides and sauces in whatever combination you like—there’s really no way to go wrong here.

Last but not least, the employees here are absolutely wonderful. A few summers ago I became a daily customer, and they were always there to greet me with a smile (and some extra couscous if I’m having a particularly bad day). Two years later, they still recognize my voice over the phone! It’s the perfect balance between a mom and pop restaurant and healthy, delicious food that’s acceptable to eat every day. As I write this, I’m already craving Dr. Grubb’s again—looks like I know where I’ll be eating tomorrow!