CLORG Spotlight: Alter-Ego Entertainment

By Rachael Hamilton ‘16Staff Writer

Since Feb. 2011, there has been a new type of social scene on the 5Cs, one that does not adhere to the stereotypical college party, instead attending to the needs of those who are uninterested in the same old alcohol, music, and crowds. That social scene is Alter Ego.

“Alter Ego was formed a few years ago when a group of friends, disgruntled and dissatisfied with the social scene on campus, decided to throw their own parties and have their own events,” the club wrote in an e-mail. “From there it bloomed, as many people on campus appreciated what we were doing and supported our continuation.”

Alter Ego is an all-female CLORG that hosts events that are the “alter ego” of a normal party one would find happening at the 5Cs on a Friday or Saturday night. That means no alcohol, an alternative social experience, and a whole new meaning for nightlife.

Their most well-known event that embodies this practice is the annual Black After-Party, which directly follows CMC’s White Party. They also threw the Childish Gambino after-party.

Alter Ego’s mission statement states, “Alter Ego Entertainment aims to build community by contributing alternatively to the social experience on campus. This organization provides educational opportunities via events that introduce different types of music, cultures, and interests of the community. Through non-alcoholic events, which are led and organized by women, Alter Ego Entertainment seeks to serve underrepresented interests on campus and provide a socially safe space for campus nightlife.”

Alter Ego’s next event is a collaboration with Pitzer’s Black Student Union. They will be DJing the 90’s Throwback Party on Dec. 8.

If you are interested in joining Alter Ego, they have meetings every week at the Scripps Student Union.