CLORG Spotlight: Serenade your Valentine with Mariachi Serrano de Claremont

Kehau Jai ‘16Staff Writer

With a certain day fast approaching, what better way to tell your significant other—or friend—I love you (or like you and want to embarrass you) than to give them the gift of a serenade by a full Mariachi band? The 5C musical group Mariachi Serrano de Claremont would love to express your feelings for you through song.

Founded in 2005 by CMC graduate Maciel Hernandez (‘08), Mariachi Serrano de Claremont comprises students from each of the five colleges, all of whom share a love of Mexican culture and the beautiful tradition of mariachi music. This Feb. 14, the members of Mariachi Serrano are taking their music across the campuses, and giving you the opportunity to spend part of your Noche de Amor having your date, or friend, serenaded.

Current president Lyanne Dominguez (SCR ‘13) tells of past Noche de Amor serenades: “Sometimes it’s a surprise. Sometimes it’s a prank. Once we were hired to play at Mudd in the auditorium, and when we showed up they were watching “Star Trek.” We just started playing.”

For another gig, Mariachi Serrano arrived at one of their serenade locations too early and interrupted a couple on a picnic date. Mistaking them for the couple that bought a serenade, they began playing.

“The girl started crying and they guy played along with it like it was his idea,” says Dominguez.

Fortunately, the right couple arrived soon after and did receive their paid-for serenade.

Even long distances cannot stop this mariachi band on Noche de Amor—they were once hired by a Pitzer student to play via Skype for his girlfriend, then studying abroad.

If your Valentine’s Day seems in need of a little more mariachi music and serenading, then you can find Mariachi Serrano members selling time slots starting Sunday, Feb. 10 to Wednesday, Feb, 13 outside Mallot, Collins, and Frary at dinner. For $5, you can choose one of two songs, a time slot from between 7-10 p.m., and a location for your serenade.

So this Valentine’s Day send your love through more than just flowers; send it through a mariachi band, and be ready for Mariachi Serrano to transform your Valentine’s Day into a true Noche de Amor.

Email to reserve a time slot or ask for more information about Mariachi Serrano.