Internet friendz and the ordinary

By Stephanie Huang ‘16Fashion Columnist

With my upcoming trip to New York Fashion Week, I thought it would be fitting to give some coverage on one of my favorite bloggers! 20-year-old Alyssa Lau is something of an internet phenomenon. The Ordinary Peoples, which she shares with her cousin Kurtis, is her personal style blog. The aspect that separates Alyssa’s blog from others is that she not only embodies her aesthetic through her clothing, but through her photographs (which are minimalism at its best) and the design of her blog as well (her knowledge of coding could give a CS major a run for their money). Alyssa is a chemistry major who hails from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

While I never asked her the meaning behind her blog name, I do think it is fitting. She is genuine and relatable, which has often been hard to come across in the blogosphere these days. As somebody who finds inspiration from street style and blogs rather than designers and runways, Alyssa truly epitomizes what fashion blogging should be about.

In her recent post, she declares that “fashion blogging should make people feel better about themselves.” She urges readers to take a step back from the recent invasion of negative feelings attached to the constant “sitting, waiting, wishing that you were somebody else.”

Although blogs used to be about sharing personal style that could inspire others, many blogs nowadays have been evolving into conventional consumerism. Despite it all, Alyssa stays true to herself and dresses according to her mood—from her laid-back ensembles of boyfriend jeans and baggy Aztec sweaters to grunge-inspired accessories like spiked loafers and body-chains. She may insist that “everybody else seems to be” cooler than her, but she really is far from ordinary, contrary to what her blog name suggests.

SH: You have said previously in other interviews that you cannot describe your own style—but can you describe how your style has evolved?

AL: My style story is a pretty boring one, I’ll tell you that. In high school, my fashion taste had barely evolved. I did not appreciate fashion the way I do now, and you could definitely tell by the way I dressed. Throughout University, I guess you could say that I embraced fashion for what it is. I cannot tell you how many hours I’ve looked at fashion blogs for. I was so inspired by the way real people dress, and I guess this is when my style ‘evolved.’ I’m what I like to call a late-bloomer.

SH: I know you’re a chemistry major, but I really feel like I can see you becoming something bigger in the fashion industry—do you see yourself switching career paths?

AL: If given the opportunity, I would absolutely love to do something regarding fashion in the future. There’s no doubt about it. However, my lack of experience in that general field I guess makes it a little implausible. But who knows what the future holds!

SH: Why are you inspired by street-style rather than designers?

AL: I really enjoy looking at how everyday people dress. Not only is the clothing cheaper, more affordable, and accessible, it also looks just as good as any designer piece when assembled appropriately (not that there is a ‘right’ way to wear anything)!

SH: And finally, what are your tips for aspiring bloggers?

AL: This may be a bit overemphasized, but perseverance is key. If you keep posting, you never know where it might lead you and what opportunities may open up for you. I can personally say that blogging has been one of the best decisions I’ve made (albeit the fact that I didn’t tell family and friends until after a month due to pure embarrassment). Don’t take for granted the future possibilities that await you! Also, this one is a pretty boring one, but be yourself. If people want to read your blog, it’ll be for you and not for someone else.

You can check out Alyssa’s blog at