Mock it Like it's Hot: Scripps Mock Trial Goes To Regionals

By Lily Foss ‘13Feminism Columnist

This weekend, you might see some women in suits walking around campus. Try not to be intimidated: although they look like professional, badass lawyers, they’re really just professional, badass members of the Scripps Mock Trial Team. And they’re most likely in the process of kicking some suit-wearing butt at our Regional Mock Trial Tournament, hosted by Claremont McKenna College.

Even though Scripps Mock Trial has only been around since fall 2008, we’ve established a history of awesomeness. Our team has won honorable mentions, spirit awards, a trip to Nationals, and numerous individual honors. Last month in Las Vegas, our very own Rachel Kuenzi ‘13 was the top scoring witness of the entire tournament. At her first-ever tournament, no less! Our team has grown from only nine members at its founding to 14 now, with new people joining every year.

It’s a lot of hard work, especially right before regionals. Last week, we had six hours worth of meetings, plus a scrimmage on Saturday. But I for one think it’s totally worth it. For all the time I’ve spent stressing out about memorizing a nine minute closing, or buying pair after pair of new nylons (a mock trial necessity, and the most obnoxious garment known to humankind), I’ve also had some really fun times just hanging out with my mock trial comrades. Whether we’re complaining about the unfairness of judges (“Can you believe they scored that guy’s closing higher than mine?”), making up ridiculous strategies (“Oh my god, what if we pretended that the guy in this trial FAKED HIS OWN DEATH?”), or just having non-mock trial related fun (“Courtroom-themed movie marathon!”), bonding is definitely an important part of mock trial. Hell, if you’re spending six to nine hours on something in one week, you want to have some people around you who understand why it’s so important to you.

I love mock trial. I love my teammates. I love wearing a suit. And I especially love participating in an extracurricular that provides me with an outlet for the argumentative and competitive aspects of my personality. In spite of the stress (“How on Earth am I going to memorize a fifteen-page closing?”), the occasionally frustrating judges (“Um, did that woman seriously just tell me not to be an ‘aggressive attorney bitch?’”), and the nylons (oh god, the nylons), I couldn’t think of a better use of my time than competing alongside such driven, inspiring women for four years.

So if you run across a mocker this week, wish us luck! We’ll be doing our best to represent your school to the mock trial community. Suit up, mockers. It’s trial time.