Motley to host 5C Dean panel on sexual assault prevention

By Monica Dreicter and Marian Miller ‘13Motley Community Engagement Manager & Head Manager

Discussions about sexual violence on the 5Cs have been particularly visible this past school year, and to engage in this important dialogue in a new way, the Motley will be hosting the deans from all five Claremont colleges this March to discuss new sexual assault policies. Last September’s email from Dean Lee to Scripps students, informing us that date rape drugs were possibly being sold on Pomona’s campus, was one of the initial events that sparked such intense conversation about sexual assault on campus. In this email, students were warned not to accept drinks from people we do not know, leave a drink unattended, or drink from a container we did not open. We were reminded to contact Campus Security or RAs in case we felt in danger. Outraged by this passive response from the schools, Motley managers Marian Miller (‘13), Julia Howard (‘14), Carrie Latimer (‘14), and Katelyn Muir (‘14) started the “Talking Back” campaign which asked students to write letters to their Deans of Students, encouraging them to focus on the issue of sexual assault at the 5Cs in a more active manner. However, the Motley was not the only group addressing this issue. Scripps students and administrators formed the Sexual Assault Awareness Committee (SAARC), incorporating various groups from campus to hold events promoting a dialogue about sexual assault.

On March 1, the Motley and SAARC are teaming up to host a panel of five Deans of Students from Scripps, CMC, Harvey Mudd, Pomona, and Pitzer in order to continue the discussion about sexual assault on campus. The Deans will be asked questions about their changing sexual assault policies: catalyzers for the changes, thought processes, goals, and steps they are taking outside of this policy change. Moderated by Professor Kim Drake, this will be a time for administrators and students to join the conversation together and increase transparency on sexual assault policies, as well to challenge the campuses—students, administrators, and faculty alike—to address the problem of sexual assault in meaningful ways. There will be a time for audience questions at the end of the panel.

Please be a part of this important conversation! The panel will be held at the Motley at 2 p.m. on March 1. For more information, email