New York Fashion Week: Myths Confirmed & Truths Revealed

By Stephanie Huang ‘16Fashion Columnist

A few weeks ago, I received an email from adidas NEO inviting me to become a “NEO blogger ambassador” and help put their show together in New York. My task was to help choose the final looks that would be walking down the runway, and of course, offer social media coverage as well.

Along with preparing for and attending the fashion show, adidas NEO organized for us a blogger’s styling event, touristy trips to the top of The Rock and NBC Studios, and three-course meals at classy restaurants with odd names like “Toy.” I was obviously beyond grateful to be able to be a part of, no matter how big or small, the Holy Grail of all fashion events: New York Fashion Week.

While I was there for a short-lived three days (and it goes without saying that I wish that Nemo had delayed my flight leaving me with no option but to attend more shows), I discovered many of the myths that are true about NYFW and other bloggers.

Truth #1: If you group a gaggle of bloggers together for dinner, they are going to do the inevitable: A) bring their phones as their plus-ones to the dinner table, and B) feel the need use their digital SLR cameras, complete with multiple lenses of different apertures, to take attractive photos of food.

Truth #2: Cross-cultural bonding between bloggers is going to happen. I arrived on the bus, utterly confused at the lack of English being spoken. Sitting alone in the back row of the bus (cool kid, I know), I thought to myself, well, this trip isn’t going to be very fun. I really didn’t know how I was going to manage small talk if it was going to be in German, Russian, or Japanese. Yet upon the dawning realization that the other bloggers did in fact speak English, it was almost impossible for us not to feel connected by certain habits that pertain to bloggers, such as those stated in Truth #1.

Truth #3: You are going to get the stink eye and unflattering photographs if you’re sitting front row. Honestly, it was very intimidating. There are many who are envious and probably thinking, “Why isn’t that me in the front row?” Subsequently, they proceed to judge your outfit. And then there is also the fact that I was sitting very near Selena Gomez. With all the cameras pointed in our direction, I knew that I obviously wasn’t the subject of the lenses, yet would most likely be in the photos. That’s when I attempted to look like I didn’t notice the camera was there at all. What resulted is this: with the magic of Google, I can now find pictures of myself blinking repeatedly next to Ms. Gomez.

Truth #4: Selena Gomez is a lovely person. This is probably the most common question I was asked when I returned from the Big Apple (along with what the deal was with her and Justin Bieber – but that’s irrelevant). She asked me how I was, and definitely came off as very genuine!

Truth/Myth #5: The life of a blogger can be very luxurious—emphasis on “can.” Obviously there are also times when there is a lot of pressure to succeed in this industry that have you near tears. There are women out there who are in their early twenties, or even at a young eighteen or nineteen, who have made blogging a full-time career, making $5,000 per post or getting paid $10,000 to wear a certain designer. I know 19-year-old bloggers who are working with Mulberry designing their own bags. This profitability is obviously not the reason why most of us choose to get into the industry, but building connections, working with the designers you most admire, and truly letting your viewpoint come across are all goals we, as bloggers, strive towards. We must balance this pressure to succeed in our creative endeavors with the fact that there are very few successful bloggers over 30, or even 25. There is the very blatant truth that you must race against time’s effect on your age to make something of yourself. And so, there are a ton of bloggers who feel distressed at the lack of recognition and acknowledgement they receive, and cannot help but compare themselves to other bloggers their age. However, it wouldn’t be right to neglect the payoff that often accompanies hard work and dedication to your passions. I honestly did not expect to have a room in Times Square with two beds to myself.

Truth #6: Time scheduling during NYFW is crazy. One day is going to feel like one week. While I could only focus my time on the one adidas NEO show, I speak on behalf of other bloggers and people in the fashion industry when I say that there are so many places to be and people to see during these few days. In between all the events and tasks that were scheduled for me, I barely managed to slip in late-night meals with friends, quick shopping at SoHo and 5th Avenue, and make-up work for class.

My brief encounter with NYFW had definitely confirmed most of the preexisting notions (or myths) that I had about it, but in many ways, NYFW exceeded my expectations as well.