Organic dinner sizzles at Pomona dining hall

By Priya Srivats ‘13Food Columnist

Every year, the Associated Students of Pomona College (ASPC) hosts an organic dinner at one of the dining halls. The dinner features totally local and organic foods, as well as performances from many school bands. The decorations are all recycled, with beautiful flowers everywhere plucked from campus. It is a lovely celebration of healthy, organic living, completely put on by students. I’ve included the entire menu for you to jealously examine everything comes in small plate form, meaning you can taste just about everything.

The organic dinner provides a welcome break from dining hall fare (which as it is, is far above average here at the Claremont Colleges), with unique flavors and tastes from around the world. Everything I ate was delicious, however my favorites had to be the chilled strawberry bisqué layered onto the Greek yogurt panna cotta, the Indian plate containing naan, dahl and a “samosa” (I would call this more of a mix between a pakora and a falafel, but whatever, it was still delicious) and the mango lassi. My friends who had the scallops said that was the best dish of the night, while my friends who had the mezze plate said that was the best plate- this just goes to show how truly delicious and well thought out each item was. Props to ASPC for putting on a wonderful event, and I hope everyone at the Claremont Colleges takes advantage of it in the coming years!



Cold Appetizers/Salad:

Mezze: crispy quinoa tabouleh, grilled artichoke hearts, hummus, pine nuts, kalamata olives, grilled halloumi cheese

Chilled strawberry bisque: frozen vanilla-coconut greek yogurt panna cotta

Local apple salad: field greens, local apples, oven roasted yellow tomatoes, point reyes bleu cheese, pecans, crispy apple chips, balsamic vinaigrette


French onion soup with 3 cheese croutons: organic butter, parmesan, provolone, gruyere

Green chili crab and corn bisque: jalapeno, cheddar, corn fritter

Vegetarian/Vegan Entrees:

Butternut squash-pumpkin ravioli (vegan): roasted sweet peppers, hazelnuts, sage-lime-brown “butter”, chive

Matar paneer & dal makhani (vegan): naan, samosa/chutney/raita, mango lass

Potato pierogi (vegan/vegetarian): caramelized onion, cabbage, kale, leeks, tempeh bacon, apples

Meat Entree:

Seared sea scallops: cauliflower puree, golden raisins, capers, toasted almonds, balsamic syrup, curry oil

Muscovy duck leg confit: huckleberry sauce, braised red cabbage & apples, haricots verts, sweet peppers, roasted tomatoes


Old-fashioned strawberry shortcake (vegan)

Caramel Dutch apple pie with vanilla ice cream