SAS Corner: Elections

By Alexa Kopelman ‘13SAS Vice President and Election Committee Chair

I am excited to announce that the SAS election season is upon us! This section will detail everything you need to know as a voting member of the Scripps community or as a candidate for the SAS 2013-2014 academic year.

Timeline of events:

Wednesday, March 6: Election info session in the Student Union. 9:00 p.m.

Sunday, March 24: Statement of Intent due to by 9:00 p.m.

Wednesday, March 27: Speeches in the Student Union. 9:00 p.m.

Thursday, March 28, 9:00 a.m.-Saturday, March 30, 9:00 a.m. : Voting online!

Monday, April 7: BOT Applications due to by 9:00 p.m.

What is SAS?

SAS (Scripps Associated Students) is the governing student association of Scripps College. We aim to facilitate expression of opinion on matters affecting the Scripps community through active communication among students, faculty, and administration. We strive to promote open dialogue through Be Heard forums and senate meetings, meaningful change through our various committees such as the Committee on Diversity and Inclusivity and the Sexual Assault Awareness and Resources Committee, and community bonding through class- and school-wide events.

Which positions are open?

Below you will find a list of all SAS positions. If you are studying abroad, you may still run for any position except President, Student Activities Chair (“SAC”) and Co-Treasurer. Only seniors can run for Recent Graduate Trustee. It is best to talk to the student who currently holds the position for which you are running in order to find out more information. This is required for anyone running for President, SAC and Co-Treasurer. You can find a list of SAS positions and members at:

Executive Branch: President, Vice-President, Student Activities Chair, Co-Treasurers, Secretary, Multicultural Relations Chair, Sustainability Chair, Judicial and Academic Review Chair, Student Union Chair, Clubs and Organizations (CLORGs) Chair, Media Relations Chair.

Programming Branch: Student Activities Chair (SAC), 5C Events Chair, Campus Activities Chair, Dorm Activities Chair, Faculty-Staff Relations Chair, Co-Senior Class Reps, Junior Class Representative(s), Sophomore Class Representative, First Year Representative.

Recent Grad Trustee (seniors only).

How do I run?

Create a statement of intent! This is a one-page flyer that has your name, photo, position you are running for, and your statement or platform. Short and sweet. Make sure it’s eye-catching, as SAS will be positing every statement of intent in each dorm, the Student Union, and Seal Court. E-mail your statement in PDF form to by Sunday, March 24 at 9:00 p.m.

Write a speech! Prepare a speech up to two minutes long. Can’t deliver it yourself? Send a proxy.

If you are running for President, SAC, or Co-treasurer, you must contact the student who holds the current position before submitting a statement of intent.

President: Emily Jovais

SAC: Meredith Kertzman

Co-Treasurers: Caitlin Sweeney and Evelyn Wong

Come to the Info Session in the Student Union at 9:00 p.m. on Wednesday, March 6. If you can’t attend, e-mail with specific questions.

Are there publicity procedures?

Yes! They are outlined in the SAS bylaws:

In short, campaign spending must not exceed $25 and candidates will be reimbursed up to $15 by SAS. This includes all money spent on the campaign (examples: parties, printing fees). In order to be reimbursed, you must submit your receipts as well as a reimbursement form (which can be found on the wire racks in the student union) by Monday, March 25.

How do I vote?

I am pleased to announce that after months of meeting and e-mailing with Scripps administration, and writing very frank “Voice” articles and blog posts, there will be NO MORE OPTING-IN! That’s right. All you will have to do is enter your name and ID number and you can vote via FormStack ballot. That’s all! Simple, smooth and secure.

Why Run? Why Vote?

SAS elections determine who represents the student body to the Board of Trustees, the President of the College, the Dean of Students, and the first-year students and their parents. These individuals ultimately decide where students fees will be spent, what activities will be available on campus, and what issues will be addressed on campus. Clearly, those who sit in these positions of power are important. Voting is an easy yet significant way of shaping the future of this community, and we want YOU to be involved in achieving the highest voter participation in SAS’ history!

We highly encourage everyone to run regardless of previous experience. SAS is a fantastic way to get involved and become part of an amazing community of students who are eager and motivated to serve Scripps students.

For more information, contact SAS Vice-President and Election Committee Chair Alexa Kopelman at