Continuing the Tradition: Why you should donate to the Scripps Senior Class gift

By Senior Class Gift CommitteeContributing Writers

Why do we have the Senior Class Gift scholarship? The Senior Class Gift is a decades-long Scripps College tradition in which seniors join together and raise money to provide a scholarship for a Scripps student with demonstrated financial need. The campaign also serves as a way to educate the graduating class about the importance of philanthropy and giving back.

This is the only student-sponsored scholarship at the College and it is critical to continuing the Scripps culture of students supporting and uplifting one another. For Poonam Daryani (’13), giving to the Senior Class Gift “was a small show of gratitude for all that Scripps has given me, including financial aid, but also enduring friendships and the opportunity to surround myself with peers who challenge, inspire, and motivate me on a daily basis.”

For many students, involvement in the Senior Class Gift is a way to commemorate their struggles, victories, and growth at Scripps. As Emily Jovais (’13) expressed, “I feel so fortunate for my Scripps education and if I can help support what is being taught here in any small way, I will. I know that Scripps depends on outside support and I think that a collective effort by the senior class is a communal and symbolic way of recognizing and honoring our experiences here.”

Supporting a scholarship helps make a Scripps education accessible to all students, regardless of their socioeconomic background. Carolyn Angius (’13) was motivated to give to the Senior Class Gift “because scholarships are an essential part in ensuring financial resources are not a barrier to a great education.” Every $10,000 we raise creates a new scholarship, and our goal for this year’scampaign is to raise $30,000 to provide three scholarships. We are well on our way to achieving this goal, with $23,000 raised already, including gifts from students, alumnae, parents, staff, and friends. We are currently at 82 percent senior participation and have until Friday, May 3rd to reach our goal of 100 percent.

President Lori Bettison-Varga has challenged the seniors to give back to our soon-to-be alma mater and reach 100 percent class participation. She has already committed $2,500 to the cause, and when we surpass 95 percent, she will give an additional $500 for every 1percent increase. Every gift, whether $1, $5, $20 or more, makes a huge difference and brings us one step closer to achieving 100 percent participation and President Bettison-Varga’s full $5,000 challenge.

We invite all members of the Scripps community — seniors, sophomores, professors, staff, etc. — to be a part of this great tradition. To make a gift, just visit and be sure to designate your contribution to Senior Class Gift! Anyone can support a scholarship.