SAS representatives propose goals for next year

By Marta Bean ’14, Francesca Simmons ’14, and Alex Frumkin ’15SAS President-Elect, Student Activities Chair-Elect, and Vice President-Elect

Hello Scripps! We are next year’s SAS President, Vice President, and Student Activities Chair. We are really excited about SAS next year, and want to share some of our ideas, goals, and plans with the student body. Although we aren’t quite sure of everything that will be going on at Scripps next year, as we often approach issues as they arise, there are several things that we know will spark important conversations on campus in the 2013-2014 year.

The first of these is the conversation surrounding what function the LASPA Center will serve, and how it will stand out from other leadership programs at the Claremont Colleges. We hope to increase awareness about the center, and want Scripps students to become involved with choosing the inaugural director, who is expected to begin working in January 2014. We know that this center has the potential to be an amazing resource for Scripps students, and we want it to properly reflect the needs and wants of the student body.

Another important topic of conversation is the draft Diversity and Inclusivity Strategic Plan. We want to continue student conversation next year, since these new recommendations have an important place in making Scripps more diverse. We will oversee implementation of the document, focus on how it can further improve the campus, and seek recommendations for new ideas from the student body. An email containing the plan was sent out on March 25; we hope that if you haven’t had the chance to read it, you will all check it out!

Next year’s SAS wants to bring more meaningful speakers to Scripps. In order to do this, SAS will work to collaborate more between the programming and executive boards. While there are many incredible speakers that are brought to the 5Cs, we hope that bringing these speakers specifically to Garrison and Balch will help increase Scripps attendance and encourage participation in these important conversations. We also hope to get student input about speakers that Scripps students want to see here.

While the three of us know and love SAS, we also know that not everyone knows what SAS does. We really want all Scripps students to recognize SAS’s contributions to campus, and hope that increasing SAS visibility will help students feel more connected with the student government. We believe this to be critical, since we are representing each and every one of you in our actions. One of the main ways that we are planning on doing this is improving our current Senate. SAS introduced the Senate this year, and while we believe it was an improvement on the past hall council system, the executive board looks to increase accountability of the Senate members, as well as streamline senators’ ability to bring programming to the halls.

Along with increasing SAS presence on campus, we hope that we will see increased numbers of participants during elections, both as candidates and voters. This year was a huge improvement on previous turnouts, but we know we can do better next year. We hope that once the student body is more aware of the way that SAS contributes to the community, they will feel more invested in the people who represent them. This will create an even stronger SAS and fairer election process.

We’re really excited about leading SAS next year, and we’ve already gotten started brainstorming our plans for next year. If you have questions, comments or suggestions, please stop us while we’re walking on campus or email any of us!