10 hacks for surviving Scripps: what you need to know

10. The Humanities Institute Speaker Series. This is a neat mix between speaker series and course. They bring in speakers addressing many viewpoints surrounding a social justice theme that changes every semester. While you can always go to the lectures and events, professors also nominate students to participate in each installment of the series. Accepted students plan the events, meet with and present speakers, and do a research project based on what they learned over the course of the semester. 9. The Health Education Office (HEO). You’ve probably heard all about Student Health Services (SHS), but you may not have heard about HEO. Located near the west entrance to the Tranquada Student Services Center on College Way, HEO’s got a friendly staff that’s there to help. They advocate health education at the 5Cs and put on a variety of educational (and fun) programs throughout the year. They’ve got a massage chair and do special de-stressing programs during finals season. They also always have free stuff you can walk in and take—everything from finger condoms to razors.

8. The Honnold-Mudd Library. While you’re swinging by HEO to see what cool stuff they have going on, you might as well pop by the Honnold-Mudd library too. Their staff is packed with specialized research librarians whose job is to help you jumpstart research projects. So if you ever have a great idea for a research paper but don’t know where to start, make an appointment with a research librarian and they’ll help you hit the ground running. The library also has tons of international films you can check out for free.

7. The Toll browsing room. If you haven’t studied in there, you haven’t truly experienced Scripps yet. Go!

6. The Malott Commons. To make finding your friends easier, you can tell them to meet you in “the breakfast room”—the room on the west side of the Commons, the only one open during breakfast—or in “the bikini room”—the room on the northeast side with the stained glass windows that look like tessalated bikini tops (or bowties).

5. The Motley. Go to the teach-ins, poetry readings, open mic nights, film screenings…basically everything that goes on at the Motley. Social critique only really works if people come together to make it happen.

4. The language residents. You’ve probably heard of Pomona’s famous Oldenborg Center, and you may also know that Scripps has its own language residents. Take advantage of these people. They’ve traveled all the way aross the pond just to speak their language with you. The Scripps language residents and the residents from Oldenborg also often put on programming togther—usually with free food. To get in touch with a language resident, you can contact individual professors/departments in the language you want to speak.

3. Denison library. Remember matriculation? I promise Denison’s still really cool even when LBV’s not there to shake your hand. They always have a display of one-of-a-kind artist books for you to look at, and it’s often a nice, quiet, cool place to study. If you get a chance, strike up a conversation with the librarian, Judy Harvey Sahak. She knows virtually everything there is to know about Scripps, and she’s probably one of the friendliest people you’ll meet on campus.

2. Career Planning and Resources (CP&R). I know you’re all supposed to go in there to meet someone at some point over the course of these first few weeks, but take advantage of them whenever you can from here on out. Their online resources—like the ClaremontConnect internship database, their super helpful Career Services Guide, and the alumnae database Life Connections—are available 24/7 and will always prove indespensible. If you do nothing else, make a resume and have them look it over. Even on-campus employers can tell if you’ve taken your resume into CP&R or not.

1. Student Activities and Residential Life Office (SARLO). Aside from just running the New Student Program (NSP) trips to the beach and Disneyland, SARLO, located in the Frankel-Routt annex just north of GJW, is packed with stuff to do all year long. They have discounted movie tickets for purchase, plus board games, movies, video games, a Wii console, and other goodies you can check out. They also have an inflateable bouncy house if your CLORG wants to use it for an event. Who knew?

Congrats on surviving your first couple weeks at Scripps, 2017-ers! We hope that this guide helps you through the next couple months.