SAS to Vote on Bylaw Changes

by Alison Kibe Welcome back again, we’re glad everyone made it through the first weeks of classes! We made it too, and we were excited to hear from students at our first BeHeard Forum of the year titled “What Can SAS Do For You?” last Tuesday. At the forum we discussed your ideas and opinions about hall senate, dorm communities, programming, and SAS’s involvement in addressing sexual assault. We learned a lot from what you had to say, and in addition to new projects for us to work on, the issues brought up at the forum may lead to new items for the upcoming election that, if passed, would change our bylaws. More information on any potential changes is to come. Elections to amend SAS bylaws and elect hall senators and the first year representative will take place within the next two weeks. On September 17th first year representative candidates will give short speeches at the student union and those elections will be on the 18th. SAS Senate and secretary elections will take place on September 25th, at which time students will be able to vote on the changes to SAS bylaws that were brought up in the BeHeard forum.

If you are interested in running for Senate or the secretary position be sure to send a statement of intent to by 5:00 PM on Friday, September 20th. Your statement should include a picture of yourself and a paragraph about yourself and why you are running.

Don’t forget that SAS meetings are open, so if you have an issue you wish to discuss you can email our secretary and have it added to our agenda. If you’re just generally interested in what is going on in our meetings, we also post the meeting minutes on the SAS website: We look forward to continuing to hear from our student body!