Meet your Scripps Associated Students treasury

By Madeline Ripley ‘14SAS Co-Treasurer

Hello, Scripps! My name is Maddie Ripley (but you can find me under GroupWise as Madeline), and I am proud to serve with Casey Maas as Scripps Associated Students Co-Treasurer. Wonder where that $214 “student body fee” goes? One hundred percent of all student fees go under the care and keeping of SAS, and Casey and I are the main point-people for the allocation of these funds. The student fee money is allocated between Scripps clubs and organizations, 5C clubs and organizations, SAS members, and an ad hoc fund managed by the Funding Advisory Committee (FAC). The budgets for CLORGs and SAS positions come under review every spring. Though Casey and I oversee the student fees during the school year, we get lots of input from other SAS members on how the funds should be allocated (plug: pay attention to SAS elections! These people matter—they are spending your money! RUN for SAS if you feel inspired to take on leadership and responsibility and make a difference on campus!).

In the spring, CLORGs and SAS members have to advocate for the funds they receive based on their budget, projected expenses, and campus influence. A sub-group of SAS members then deliberates and grants the CLORG or SAS position a sum of money for the coming academic year. CLORGs and SAS members get the majority of their funding during this spring budgeting process, but if a special event or initiative comes up during the year, the club or SAS member can apply to the Funding Advisory Committee for extra-budget money. Casey and I sit on the Funding Advisory Committee with SAS CLORGs Chair Mia Pecora, Motley Assistant Head Manager Eden Olsen, and Scripps Student Investment Fund Officer at Large Molly Lin. The FAC meets every week and reviews applications for funds from Scripps and 5C CLORGs, SAS members, and individual Scripps students. That’s right! If you are attending a conference or writing a thesis, the FAC can cover up to $100 of your expenses. All you need to do is apply! The FAC funding request forms can be found in the Student Union: they’re purple and in the wire rack on the left as you enter.

In addition to the Funding Advisory Committee, I am pleased to announce that the Student Investment Fund is beginning their annual distribution process this week! The Student Investment Fund actively manages over $200,000 and distributes 4-6% of their funds every year to student clubs and organizations. APPLY! The application is a Google Form, and the link can be found on the SIF distribution Facebook event (or, you can get the link by emailing Molly Lin, SIF Officer at Large, directly). Thank you for taking the time to read a bit about how your student fees are distributed and what CLORGs and individuals can do to access additional funding. If you ever have any questions about the above information or about Treasurer procedures, please do not hesitate to reach out to Casey and me via