Revisioning Malott through the Claremont Humane Society

By Julia Thomas '17Staff Writer

Each day, as hundreds of students filter through the doors of Malott, not often do we pause to think about the food we are consuming. Though Malott aims to provide a wide variety of healthy options for students, much of the meat served in the dining hall comes from large factory farms, many of which have undergone investigations and lawsuits for their inhumane practices.

This year, Juliana Beall ’16 and Jenna Perelman ’16 founded the Claremont Humane Alliance to act upon this issue. The club was born out of the pair’s mutual passion for the humane treatment of animals and an opposition to modern agricultural practices, with an aim to help Malott transition to a cage-free, organic, and humane dining hall.

The club is focused on assisting Scripps in a move to sourcing more sustainable meat products, such as slaughtered beef, pork, poultry and fish, as well as cage-free dairy products, through a partnership with the Humane League, an animal advocacy organization. The Humane League has a 100 percent success rate in its program working to transition college campuses to be cage-free.

“The national movements to reform the modern factory farm are still small, but we foresee a huge movement on the horizon,” said Beall. “We are excited to be a part of it.”

The co-presidents aim to raise awareness for the risks posed by non-sustainable farming practices through educational campus-wide events such as screening educational movies and bringing sustainable food experts to speak. In addition, the club looks forward to a trip to Farm Sanctuary, a rehabilitation organization for former industrial farming animals. Through these events, they hope to inspire change in a grassroots, student-led movement.

Club meetings will be held every other week at 9 p.m. on Mondays in the Clark Living Room. The club also has a Facebook page, where events and information will be posted. Any and all interested students are welcome to attend meetings and get involved throughout the school year.

“What we desperately need are people to start caring: to demand that battery cages and gestation crates be banned, that slaughterhouse lines be slowed, that antibiotics and growth hormones be thrown out,” said Beall. “Organized voices make change. Be one of them.”

For more information, you can find the Claremont Humane Alliance on Facebook.