Scripps' student-run publications

By Katie Girvan '16Staff Writer

Scripps College has several publications that students can read and write for.  While some publications have more publicity, others are less well known.  However, every publication, whether it is a magazine, newspaper, or journal, definitely adds a unique voice to the college.

Becca Marion ‘12 and Laura Passarelli ‘12 founded [in]Visible in 2009, and the magazine derives its name from a line in the French novel The Little Prince: “L’essentiel est invisible pour les yeux.”  (Translation: the essential is invisible to the eyes).  Initially, [in]Visible’s primary focus was body image issues and stereotypes, but it has since broadened its reach. Vivienne Muller ‘16, the writing director of the magazine, explained why the magazine was important to Scripps, saying, “We talk about gender issues from a perspective of diversity and inclusive feminism. There isn’t another publication like us at Scripps and we feel like we are a valuable alternative or addition to the other publications around.”

The Scripps College Journal is another publication that may be unknown to some students.  An annual literary magazine, it publishes art and writing from students from Scripps.  Although it is only published once a year, it is a fantastic way for students to showcase their creativity. Star Schneider ‘16, one of the Editors-in-Chief of the Scripps College Journal, describes the journal as “a platform for any and all Scripps student voices who desire to share their academic or creative work with their community.”

A new publication that will be launching soon is Our Sound.  It’s a literary and art magazine funded through SCORE and is currently seeking submissions for its first issue. “We provide a platform for voices society often ignores or dismisses to speak via publication,” Muller, who is also involved with this publication, said of the magazine.  “We would love to see writing and art exploring roots and individual realization.” You can get in touch with the creators of Our Sound on their Facebook page to be a part of this innovative publication’s inaugural issue.