To the Scripps community, from the bottom of my heart:

Thank you.

This year has been a wild ride for all of us, but it’s hard to believe it’s already coming to a close. This has been a fantastic year for the newspaper, and I write these words for the final issue with both sadness that this is it for Volume 17 of The Scripps Voice but also with excitement for what is to come.
But first, I have to say thank you to all the people without whom the paper would not exist.
Thank you to every single one of our writers and photographers who have filled these pages, and to the guest contributors who have graciously given us their words and ideas. This paper is only a voice for Scripps students if Scripps students make it so.
Thank you to the editorial staff: Elizabeth Lee, Ashley Minnis-Lemley, Jessica Lin, Elena Pinsker, and Alex Vallas (and Selene Hsu too!) for putting up with me on layout nights, and for putting the newspaper together with grace and speed. We tried to come up with a good word to describe Alex, but she is beyond description. Safe to say, we will miss her next year as she departs to complete the rest of her 3-2 engineering degree.
Thank you to Lily Comba and Rosario Bennett, our business managers who brought in the most ad revenue we’ve ever had.
Thanks to web managers Sophie Saouma and Emily Morris. Best of luck as you graduate.
Thank you to Sam Haynes, our advisor, for sticking with us through a very challenging year for him, for always advocating for us, and for always reassuring us that we were doing good work.
A million thank-yous to Aidan Harley. She did more work than was her fair share, and she gave everything she had to this publication. I don’t know how I’ve done these last few issues without her — without her powerful leadership, her incredible writing, and her loving friendship. I wish you all the best in your future adventures.
Thank you to President Bettison-Varga for sending this paper to a conference at the New York Times in March. Expect to see some innovation as a result of that conference starting next semester.
Finally, thank you so much, Scripps, for the opportunity to lead your paper, and for supporting Aidan and me throughout this process. So many of you have told us that we’ve done well, and, trust us, we always really needed to hear it.
Leading this publication has been one of the most exciting, most frustrating, most enlightening, and most empowering things that I have ever done. There were days when I wanted to rip my hair out because of this newspaper and there were days when it was the only thing for which I was willing to get out of bed. I will not serve as an editor-in-chief next year, but I will always cherish this experience.
I am excited to announce next year’s editors-in-chief. Elena Pinsker ’17 is a math major with four years (and counting) of design and journalistic writing training under her belt. As a design editor this year, she has loved putting her hobby of fooling around on InDesign to good use. A Silicon Valley native, Elena can otherwise be found at Whole Foods looking for organic dino kale or ranting to somebody about FC Barcelona’s current lack of defense.
Lucy Altman-Newell ’17 is currently a staff writer, and has enjoyed writing since she learned the alphabet, and became involved with journalism in early 2010. She wrote for her high school paper for four years, eventually becoming Editor-in-Chief there. She also founded an online literary magazine for her community, and has won awards for creative writing. In Claremont, she writes for The Scripps Voice and [in]VISIBLE. In her spare time, Lucy loves hiking, rock climbing, and spending time outdoors.
Thank you again, Scripps, for this amazing year. See you around!

Love always,