Last year the trailer for Season
 Two of HBO’s “Girls” featured the
 song “Anything Can Happen” by Ellie
 Goulding. This was a nice thematic
 choice for a show that offered
 the possibility of real growth and
 change. But now with the first few
 episodes of Season Three I’m already
 beginning to feel like “here we go
 again…” I’m not sure if that’s a song
 or not, that’s just how I feel.
 However, this new season isn’t a
 full-on disappointment; it goes down
 some interesting paths and has some
 good lines and subtle but revealing
 character moments. But it just seems
 to have lost most of its zeitgeist.
 Maybe it’s the fact that this season
 just feels like more of the same or
 maybe it’s the fact that other shows
 now seem to have the “Girls” thing
 down better than “Girls.” “Broad
 City” and “Looking” come to mind, as
 zany and understated respectively.
 Upon hearing the common
 criticism that “the characters are
 really annoying,” I mentally respond,
 “yes but they’re supposed to be.”
 However, my patience is starting
 to wear thin. There’s only so many
 times that I can listen to Hannah’s
 pretention and self-indulgence, or
 watch Adam act like his volatile
 immaturity is actually some kind of
 profound depth of feeling, only so
 often can I hear Ray complain about
 his perfectly nice (if mediocre) life.
 There is only so much of Shoshana
 I can watch before she turns from
 endearingly ditsy to unbearably
 shallow, only so many times I can
 watch Jessa break things for the
 sake of breaking them, only so often
 can Marnie go to pieces over her
 intractable problem: that of being
 born in the wrong time period.
 Whether or not we just repeat the
 same destructive cycles until we
 die is a matter of some debate. But 
 whatever your personal answer is,
 in my opinion it makes for dreary