The first SAS BeHeard Forum, which is held in the Student Union at 8:30 p.m. on the second Tuesday of every month, as well as for special events, took place on Tuesday, Sept. 9. Students from a mix of grade levels were present, several of whom represented groups such as the Asian American Student Union (AASU) and Career Planning & Resources (CP&R). Below are the issues that were discussed over the course of the hour.

Clarification on Departments and Positions: Students requested that SAS provide detailed information about the functions of different departments on campus.
Communicating with SAS: One student asked how students  should utilize SAS’ resources. SAS members replied that their purpose is to bridge the gap between students and administrators. Students were encouraged to visit the SAS website or Facebook page.
Students were also invited to visit during office hours so that SAS President Alex Frumkin can bring students’ concerns to the Board of Trustees. Those who wish to remain anonymous can use the comment box on the SAS website.

Faculty Changes: Changes to the faculty, especially in terms of leaving professors, have students alarmed in terms of their own academic careers. In one case, a professor dropped a Core class without warning, causing the need for first-year students to rearrange their schedules. (SAS stated that it regrets that it cannot publicly discuss specific reasons behind the matter; however, Vice President Sarah Chung directed students to talk to Dean of Faculty Amy Marcus Newhall.)

LASPA: Students wondered how the LASPA Center for Leadership has been progressing and how students can become more involved. Lofty goals have been established, but students have not yet heard about how LASPA will directly benefit students and the rest of the Scripps community. SAS replied that it similarly has not heard anything since last semester.
Fundraising: $92 million of the $175 million goal has been raised thus far in three separate forms: estates, pledges and cash. Scripps continues to seek a donor willing to contribute at least half of the necessary funds for a new dorm, after which the new dorm will be named.
Overcrowding Solutions and the New Dorm: Due to growing first-year crowds and last year’s complaints, President Bettison-Varga and staff are reassessing which rooms are suitable for doubles or triples. One problem lies in the fact that Gabrielle Jungels-Winkler Hall (GJW) rooms cannot be converted from their original designations, due to a contract with the donor. SAS reports that the new dorm will offer 82 beds and cost $20 million rather than the originally proposed $18 million.

A finished blueprint must be done by October if the dorm is to be completed by Fall 2016.
Coffee with the Dean: SAS will look into asking the dean to offer varying time slots for “Coffee with the Dean,” an office hours of sorts in the Motley, as many students who wished to attend in the past missed out on the opportunity due to class or lab priorities.  
Ventfull App: This app will be available on Android for a while, but students who have iPhones are encouraged to download this app to stay up-to-date with 5C happenings.
Transparency: SAS encouraged students to take the surveys that are offered — and to answer them honestly — as too many surveys are ignored. The reports and results of surveys throughout the year will be made available on the website. Students requested that they be told the sample size of surveys, as having this information could motivate them.