CP&R hosts annual "Life After Scripps"

By Sophie Fahey ‘17
Staff Writer

Last week, the Scripps Career Planning and Resources Office (CP&R) held its fourteenth-annual “Life After Scripps,” a week of workshops, panels, courses and advising to help students prepare for job and internship opportunities outside of Scripps.
While CP&R is available all year for advising, “Life After Scripps” provides a number of workshops and networking opportunities in one week to get all students thinking about their futures. Some events required students to RSVP, although most were drop in. Events were scattered throughout each day to allow students to have options that did not conflict with class schedules.
“Life After Scripps” is designed to help all Scripps students get ready for job and internship searches, no matter what year or what stage of the process they are in. Seniors can explore their post-graduation options; there are also programs to refine resumes and to learn how to best use the resources available at Scripps.
On Oct. 9 CP&R hosted a drop-in “Careers Al Fresco — Claremont Connect’s Best Secrets.” This event allowed students to sit down with a member from the CP&R team to explore all that Claremont Connect — a web-based recruiting system — has to offer. This gave students the chance to ask all the questions they needed to about how it works and  to get a very personalized and helpful start on searching for career and internship opportunities. Students can also use the events feature on Claremont Connect to view upcoming events and workshops held at the Claremont Colleges.
On Oct. 10, there was a workshop to help students learn to use LinkedIn. This workshop taught students the basics of creating a LinkedIn account: how to write a personal summary, how a LinkedIn profile is similar to and different from a resume and how to choose a professional photo. The workshop placed a lot of emphasis on networking and on how to use the people you know on LinkedIn to make connections that could lead to potential jobs. All Scripps students should join the Scripps Alumnae Association group on LinkedIn to connect with Alumnae who may know more about the different fields they are interested in.
Other events put on by CP&R included a LinkedIn photo shoot, networking workshops and opportunities and a personal finance workshop.  
The Career Planning & Resources Office has daily drop in hours from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Students have the ability to receive individual and personalized career counseling and learn about more events through the office.