Without a Box

Compiled by Elizabeth Lee and Kehau Jai ‘16, Staff Writers

Q: How long have you been around?

A: There is no past and future, only the eternal present in which Without A Box exists.

Q: How many members do you have?

A: 12.

Q: How can people become a part of your group, and what made you join?

A: We hold auditions at the beginning of every fall semester. Many of us did improv in high school and some of us just thought it would be fun.

Q: When/how often and where do you perform/publish?

A: We perform about once a month in different venues around the 5Cs.

Q: What makes your group so especially funny and unique? What comedy niche do you fill at CUC?

A: We’re the only improv troupe that frequently and regularly performs at all the Claremont Colleges.

Q: What is one word you could use to describe your group?

A: Ragamuffin.

Q: What kind of humor do you find provokes the most successful response from college students? What does this say about us, or why do you think that is?

A: According to focus groups, the following is the most successful joke for college audiences: “Knock knock who’s there? Dwayne. Dwayne who? Dwayne the tub I’m dwounding!”

Q: What is off limits?

A: We know what kind of jokes we are comfortable making as a group. In general: don’t punch down.

Q: What is the greatest struggle that comedians, in general, often face?

A: Walking upright.

Q: Is laughter truly the “best medicine”, or is there another, perhaps darker, side to humor?

A: The best medicine is leeches, always and forever.

Q: What is the ultimate secret to making something funny?

A: Pinch of cumin.

Q: What’s the best joke you’ve got in your back pocket?

A: Knock knock who’s there? Dwayne. Dwayne who? Dwayne the tub I’m dwounding! God, that’s a good joke.