The Scripps Voice Re-Introduces Vlogs

By Lily Yang '18
Vlog Director

From one of the first vlogs, Roommates

From one of the first vlogs, Roommates

With a new year comes new opportunities. This year, The Scripps Voice (TSV) is bringing back The Scripps Voice vlogs, blogs in video form, that document Scripps campus life and promote student wellness and community. Every two weeks, a range of two to four videos will be uploaded to both TSV’s YouTube channel and website. Videos will cover a variety of subjects related, but not limited, to building connections at Scripps, exploring resources on campus, discussing current events, featuring clubs/organizations, reviewing TV shows/movies, and discovering academic courses/majors/internships. Much of our videos will be interview-based for the purpose of collecting people’s opinions and experiences. We hope that as the year continues, we can start asking for video requests and collaborate with different clubs/organizations/resources on campus to create more educational-based videos. Another goal is to establish a series of playlists on the current youtube channel that target specific types of videos. For example, playlists would be academic life, campus resources/clubs, student life and experiences, and TV/movie reviews.

We currently have three videos up on the YouTube channel and website (, so go check it out! The first video is a “10 Things You Didn’t Know About Scripps” video where our vloggers researched and collected stories or “hidden gems” about our college. The second video is about the relationships that different sets of roommates have. Roomies were asked to answer some questions about why they chose to room together, what makes it work, and their experiences with/opinions about living with another individual. For the final video, one of our vloggers is doing a review on the TV series Bojack Horseman. She will be reviewing the content of the show, its societal implications, and her recommendations of the show.

As the TSV vlog is a new part of The Scripps Voice, it would be awesome to have more students join the team! This experience is especially great for those interested in media, film, cinematography, or advertisement. In addition, if you have video ideas/suggestions or would like to partake in any of the videos, feel free to email us at Any suggestions or ideas are welcome and appreciated.