Family Weekend Highlights All of Scripps' Finest

By Sydney Sibelius ‘18
Staff Writer

Parents and students join administrators and staff at the annual Family Weekend luncheon. Photos by Tyra Abraham ‘18.

Parents and students join administrators and staff at the annual Family Weekend luncheon. Photos by Tyra Abraham ‘18.

Scripps was on its finest display as hundreds of parents and family members flocked to campus for the 2015 Family Weekend. The weekend consisted of a multitude of events meant to provide family members with a look into the life of Scripps’ students.

Family members were invited to join student-led tours of the beautiful sights on campus, and learn the interesting facts behind the many historical buildings. Additionally, Scripps’ own Judy Harvey Sahak from the class of 1964 presented a tour of the rare book room at Denison Library that granted visitors hand-on access to the collection.

For the more scientifically minded, the W.M. Keck Science Department hosted a tour and an open house for members of Scripps, Pitzer and Claremont McKenna to meet the faculty.
In order to get a glimpse into the history of Scripps, there was a Scripps’ Myths and Legends event in the Clark Living Room over tea and dessert. Presented as a skit, the event detailed stories of the past and some of Scripps’ most popular fables. While enjoying legendary Scripps cookies, families were provided with more entertainment and insight for the night.
In order to include the beautiful resources at the Tiernan Field House in the weekend’s events, families were able to participate in an early-morning yoga practice to prepare themselves for the busy weekend ahead.

Before the weekend could get into full-swing, Scripps President Lori Bettison-Varga delivered the State of the College address. She presented the attendees with impressive statistics about Scripps’ Fulbright recipients, NEW Hall information and impressive college rankings. Also addressed were the changing admissions policy regarding transgender applicants, and the infamous George Will situation.

Parents were also provided with the opportunity to learn about life at Scripps by engaging in an interactive conversation with the deans. The deans detailed Scripps programs for both academics and social life, and answered any questions parents may have had.

The Career Planning and Resources (CP&R) Office granted Scripps families a look at the help that Scripps students have while preparing for the real world after college, and hosted an internship panel in preparation for the upcoming summer.

As fuel for the full schedule of events, families enjoyed festive meals under the tent on Bowling Green Lawn. Grammy-award winning performer and Scripps faculty member, Professor Martha Gonzalez, provided entertainment for the Fiesta! themed dinner on Saturday night. Sunday night allowed families to relax before their day on Monday at a festive, family style barbecue.
Many of the talented 5C student groups performed in the annual Movement and Sound event on Saturday night. Ranging from a cappella groups to dance, the performing arts groups wowed the audience with their skills.

After hearing numerous descriptions on what it feels like to be a Scripps student, parents were finally given the opportunity to experience it for themselves. The final day of Family Weekend allowed parents to be a Scripps student for the day, letting them attend classes and department open houses.

Despite the warm weather and hectic schedule, Family Weekend provided a chance for students to spend time with their families and for families to learn more about the college their student attends. From the delicious food to the numerous events and tours, families were given a true look into what it is like to be at Scripps for a weekend.