Saving Green and Staying Green

2015 has arrived, and with it, an onslaught of classes, essays and deadlines. This is around the time that people’s New Year’s resolutions tend to wear off. However, I think it’s important to hang on to some resolutions, like being confident and unashamedly yourself in all aspects of your life, including your fashion choices.

My theme this issue is environmentally-friendly fashion. I am featuring two students who are wearing used clothing to show that thrifting can be just as great as, if not better than, going to Topshop or Forever 21. If you are into both the environment and fashion like I am, it can be a real struggle to balance the love of clothes with the fact that one new pair of jeans takes 1,500 gallons of water to be produced. So when in doubt, thrift; you will find unique items and not feel guilty about the impact on the environment or on your wallet.




Look One:
Name: Mallory Mackey
Year: Sophomore
Outfit: Sleek black shirt paired with vintage overalls and iconic black booties. Mallory got her overalls at Dee-Lux, which is conveniently located in the Claremont village. They have vintage and new items and they also buy clothes, so you can sell your stuff and get either store credit or cash.






Look Two:
Name: Abigail Daum
Year: Sophomore
Outfit: Abby is going with the flow, pun totally intended, with a loose, soft cardigan and a flowy maxi skirt to go with it. It’s a great outfit for the 70 degree winters we have to suffer through over here. Her cardigan and skirt were both purchased at Goodwill.