Athlete Profile: Hannah Huston '17

By Sydney Sibelius '18
Staff Writer

Photos courtesy of Hannah Huston

Photos courtesy of Hannah Huston

Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Sherwood, OR
Sport: Soccer
Position: Center mid & Forward

Recently founded in the fall of 2014 by Sarah Berschinki ‘17 and Ella Bea Kim ‘17, the Claremont Women’s Club Soccer Team has a roster of more than twenty-five skilled soccer players. The team welcomes players from all five schools interested in playing soccer with a smaller time commitment than the Claremont-Mudd-Scripps (CMS) Varsity Soccer team. Although the club team is new, it has already seen much success. In a scrimmage against Mount St. Mary’s University on April 10, Claremont won with a score of 9-1. Amongst other teams in the Southern California area, the women’s soccer team is expected to hold their own. In addition to being one of the top goal scorers on the team, Hannah Huston ‘17 has played a key part in starting the club and promoting it amongst all students.

The Scripps Voice: When did you start playing soccer?

Hannah Huston:
Probably when I was about four years old, at the YMCA recreation league. I have played soccer my whole life.

TSV: How have you been involved with soccer at Scripps since you have been here?

Along with a lot of the other girls that have been working towards the club team, none of us were going to play [in college], but we realized that we really missed it. We all really missed playing soccer and got together and decided the club team was a good thing to try out.

TSV: What is one of your favorite parts about the sport?

I really love the team atmosphere. I think the team can really make or break how successful the group will be. If everyone is good and if everyone is friends then we are more likely to be successful because everyone is having fun while playing.

TSV: Tell me about the club team here.

Everyone is extremely committed, which we were not sure how committed people were going to be since it is a new club and it is hard to get the word out. But we have a pretty strong core group of girls that come out to every practice and are really dedicated to getting this off the ground.

TSV: What are requirements for being on the team?

We currently have two practices a week that are just soccer practices, but we also have a Monday morning fitness practice. Along with those, we have so far had two scrimmages with other teams in the league we are hoping to be in next year, and we have another scrimmage scheduled, and we are going to be in a tournament in a few weeks.

TSV: What has been the process of starting a club team?

HH: Sarah Berschinki ‘17 and Ella Bea Kim ‘17 have been probably doing the majority of the work, but there have been a lot of politics. There is an old rule that says you cannot have a club team in the same sport that you have a varsity team, and it is no longer a rule, but it has been hard to convince some people that it is not anymore. One of the things that is unique about the consortium is that there are five schools, but that also makes it more difficult to get a club approved across all five schools.

TSV: How have you been getting the word out about the team?

HH: Well, the majority of the team is sophomores because we are the girls who have really been starting the team. It has been easy to post in the Facebook groups of 2017 classes, but we have been having a harder time getting the word out to other grades. We do have a few juniors and seniors and freshmen, but we are hoping that we can start to expand our grade coverage. We also do not have anyone from Mudd on the team, and we would like to see some Mudders.

Catch the Claremont Women’s Club Soccer Team practicing on Wed. and Fri. nights at Alumni Field. If you are interested in joining the team, contact Hannah, Sarah or Ella.