Change Magazine Joins the Scripps Community Journalism Family

By Sydney Sibelius ‘18
Staff Writer

Left to Right: Scripps students Rose Conlon '18, Taylor Galla '18, and Keely Shinners '18

While many students feel that their opinions and beliefs are cast aside, Change Magazine provides college students with the opportunity to have their voices heard.

“Change Magazine is an online, new publication published and run entirely by college students all over the country,” Taylor Galla ‘18 said. “It was started by a student at Harvard with the goal of giving college students the chance to have a voice in national debates.”
The magazine was started a year and half ago and has now spread to 18 colleges across the country. Each school has its own branch that publishes articles to its online website. While every college has its own editors and writers, the branches can collaborate on writing, editing articles and sharing ideas. Editors and writers from each school share ideas over email and phone exchanges to write an article together that encompasses an issue prevalent at each institution.

As Change Magazine was created to give voice to the opinions of college students, the articles are fact-based and opinion-oriented and address issues with a local perspective.
Galla recently brought Change Magazine to Scripps campus. Scripps constitutes one of the first branches on the West Coast, and is one of two women’s colleges involved, along with Wellesley College. Other schools included are Brown University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University and Georgetown University. Galla became involved after seeing an article published by another branch.

“I saw an article on Facebook that a high school friend of mine had written for Change and had been published online and [I] was immediately intrigued,” Galla said. “I found the president’s email and asked him if I could write for the magazine.”

The magazine will address local issues seen around Scripps, as well as apply larger, national issues to campus.

“The goals of the magazine are to give Scripps a voice in the national discussion and [to] provide our unique perspective in order to diversify the discussion and educate others through this perspective,” Galla said.

Galla also hopes to provide every student here with the opportunity to voice their opinions. She also hopes that it can become a space for individuals to educate themselves on issues covered in the magazine and to discuss them with peers.

 Students are able to write on an issue of their choice, with few limitations on topic. The Scripps branch has recently published articles on contraception accessibility on college campuses, what it is like to go to a women’s college, the California drought, and discrimination at Scripps.

“The magazine covers a wide range of issues; there isn’t really any issue that we can’t cover as long as it has a clear tie to a larger discussion and is beneficial and intriguing to that discussion,” Galla said.

Anyone interested in writing for Change Magazine can contact Taylor Galla at Change is an opportunity for anyone interested in journalism, writing or advocacy. There are also positions available for PR/marketing, brand development and the operating board. To find published articles by Scripps students, visit the branch website online at