From Aquaponics to Anti-natalism, from Los Angeles to Lake Titcaca: Students present findings from summer research

By Sophie Fahey ‘17
Copy Editor & Staff Writer

On Sept. 6th and Sept. 8th, 17 Scripps students presented their summer research, which was funded by various fellowships and scholarships, including Mellon Undergraduate Fellowships and Johnson Summer Student Research Grants. The symposium allows students to share their research with the greater Scrippscommunity. It is also a time for students to practice for senior thesis presentations.

“Scripps awards 5-8 Johnson Summer Students Research Grants each year. This award enables current Scripps students to complete interdisciplinary summer research,” according to theScripps Fellowships website.

The Johnson research grants must be interdisciplinary and students must have a Scripps faculty member as a sponsor advisor. Students who receive Johnson grants must present their research at Scripps the following fall.

Mellon Undergraduate Research Fellowships are designed to help students “gains critically important research skills and training in a faculty-directed research fellowships” and “to pursue their own research questions and more fully develop their senior theses with a pre-thesis fellowship,” described the Scripps Fellowship website.

Students conducted their research and presented on a wide variety of topics, in the U.S. and while abroad. Students interested in learning more about Scripps Student Fellowships and Scholarships can check out

Leah Jeffers
Italian Renaissance Fashion

Rosemary Kepple
Masterpiece of the Medici

Alexandra Harder
Aquaponics in New York

Chloe Soltis
Effectiveness of Dental Education Outreach Programs in Los Angeles

Isobel Morison
Down the Dirt Road: Generational Memory and Oral History Archive in the Sierra Nevadas

Hannah Sands
Community Based Tourism Development and the Trap of Authenticity for Aymara people around Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

Meghana Ravikumar
The Murderer and the Prostitute: The Criminalization of the Indian Woman in 20th Century British India

Cassidy Vileneuve
Telling One’s Own Story: An Exploration of Identity, Community Engagement, and Counter-
Narrative through Oral History

Karen Chan
Imaginary Musical Bodies

Lucienne Altman-Newell
Is Bodily Resurrection Compatible with Materialism?

Felicia Agrelius
Tracking the Diagnosis and Treatment of ‘Severe’ Mental Illnesses throughout History

Eden Amital
Mapping Zika

Lara O’Connor
Anti-Natalism: Is human Procreation Morally Permissible?

Isabelle Ramos
Imagined Sceneries

Jasmine Russell
Whistle While You Work: Histories of Mood Creation in the Capitalist Workplace

Harriet Lindeman
Spoken Resistance: Self-Representation through Slam Poetry within Middle Eastern and North
African Diaspora in New York City

Reily Anderson
Organizations that Work in Healing Communities